Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019: Pregnancy Myths, Superstitions, Do’s & Don’ts & Facts for Expecting Mothers
Representational Image (Photo Credits: ANI Images & Maggie O'Mara/ Facebook)

Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan in the month of January 2019 will be witnessed on January 20 and 21.  A total Lunar Eclipse or the Super Blood Wolf Moon will occur wherein the Moon will appear reddish and closer to Earth. The Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse is said to last for about three and a half hours. The timings for the Chandra Grahan today is going to be from 7.34 pm Pacific Standard Time. Even though the internet crazy peeps are already fascinated, and frightened (too) to observe this occurrence, the pervasive superstitions cannot be ignored!

The journey of giving birth to a child gives a one-of-its-kind feeling to women, across. It is rightly considered the most blessed time in one’s life. But Eclipse during pregnancy holds several myths. Let us take a look at the most (un)believed myths about this omen, with its facts:

1. Is Lunar Eclipse During Pregnancy Considered A Bad Omen?

Lunar Eclipse is regarded as a bad sign by many cultures of the world, and India is not an exception to that. However scientifically, there has been no evidence that proves eclipse can be harmful during pregnancy.

2. For Pregnant Women, Is Going Out of The House During Lunar Eclipse A Big No?

Would-be-mothers are not allowed to go out of the house, as it is believed that it will result in distortion to the baby. But the fact remains that it is absolutely safe to stay outside the house and even look at the Lunar Eclipse. The moon does not pose a threat, obviously no?

3. Should Pregnant Women Not Eat or Drink During the Lunar Eclipse?

In several parts of India, the expectant mothers are advised to not consume any meal, or even water during that hour. It is not healthy to follow such rituals during pregnancy. If you experience a headache, dizziness or nausea, it is recommended to keep yourself hydrated and stay calm. Your baby will be fine only when you are healthy.

4. Should expecting mothers handle Sharp Objects with care only during the Lunar Eclipse?

People are advised to handle sharp objects with extra care during this period. It is believed that if you cut yourself at this time, then the bleeding from the wound will last for a long time than usual to heal. This superstition is again not true as the time taken to heal depends on the wound.

5. Should Expecting Mothers Not Cut Anything With Knife at the Time of Lunar Eclipse?

Pregnant women are said not to cut anything with a knife or the baby will be born with a cleft-lip. Again, this does not have any scientific explanation. Well, you can continue chopping those fresh vegetables as it poses no harm to your baby.

6. Is Bathing Compulsory After a Lunar Eclipse for Pregnant Women?

Many people suggest that pregnant women should take bath after the eclipse to get rid of all the negative energies and rays. There is no negative energy associated with the Lunar eclipse. It is always important to take bath on a regular basis to keep yourself clean. But no rays absorbed by the body can be wiped clean by taking a bath.

Mothers leave no stone unturned, during their pregnancy period, to ensure that the baby is safe. It is totally up to you whether you want to believe or follow such myths. However, what really matters is how you stay happy, healthy and calm during this auspicious time. Enjoy every moment of it that you can cherish for a lifetime. This phenomenal natural occurrence is a beautiful sight to observe, as it comes once in many years!