Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti 2019: History and Significance of This Day When The Famous Poet, Saint and Social Reformer of India Was Born
Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti 2019 (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti is celebrated every year to mark the birth anniversary of Kabirdas, a renowned poet, saint and social reformer. Sant Kabir, a mystic whose writings have greatly influenced people, lived in the 15 century. With his simple writing, Kabirdas conveyed the true meaning of life to people. The special day is celebrated by people across India and countries abroad. The great poems and works of Kabirdas designate the coherence and immensity of the ‘Supreme Being.’ Despite his Islamic background, the renowned poet became a disciple of the Hindu Bhakti saint Ramananda. 7 Profound Dohe of Kabir Translated in English, to Guide You Through Life.

In 2019, Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti falls on June 17. According to Drikpanchang, this is approximately 642 th Birth Anniversary of Sant Kabirdas. According to the traditional Hindu calendar, the day falls on the full moon day of the Jyeshta month. Kabirdas Jayanti is usually observed either in the month of May or in the month of June every year as per the Gregorian calendar.

The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigour across the nation where followers of Kabirdas read the great poems written by him. At some place, seminars are organised to make his followers understand the importance of his great teachings.  In Varanasi, the birthplace of this great poet, the special day is celebrated in a grand manner.

The hallmark of Kabir's work consists of his two line couplets, known as Kabir Ke Dohe. Kabir's writings include Bijak, Sakhi Granth, Kabir Granthawali and Anurag Sagar. According to history, the major part of Kabir's work was collected by the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev. The writings have been incorporated into the Sikh scripture Guru Granth Sahib.