Your year-long wait is about to get over as Diwali 2020 is fast approaching. While Diwali might be called the ‘Festival of Lights’, its celebrations remain incomplete without flower decorations, especially when it comes to making rangoli designs, also called pookalam designs. And there is simply no match to marigold rangoli designs. Marigold (called genda in Hindi) is considered highly auspicious during Hindu festivities. This is why people make traditional rangoli designs with marigold flowers on Diwali, which later sees Lakshmi Puja during the evening. Ahead of the festival day, which falls on November 14, we bring you a collection of beautiful yet simple rangoli designs for Diwali 2020 with marigold flowers, pookalam designs for Diwali, pookalam designs for marigold flowers, easy floral Deepavali rangoli patterns and so much more.

Unarguably the biggest Hindu festival celebrated in India and by the Indian diaspora across the world, Diwali is a celebration of the victory of good over evil, happiness, love, hope and unity. Maa Lakshmi, the main deity of the festival along with Lord Ganesha is said to be Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity, joy, fortune, love, Maya and beauty. She loves cleanliness and everything beautiful. According to Hindu legends, Devi Lakshmi descends on earth and visits her devotees’ households on Diwali and if she truly feels welcomed to the house, stays there forever implying good health, wealth and prosperity are bestowed upon that family. This is why people clean up their houses and also decorate it with enthusiasm and please Maa Lakshmi. And rangoli is an important part of Diwali decorations.

Rangoli is an age-old art form where people draw beautiful patterns on the floor on festivals or any other auspicious event. They are prepared using several materials such as coloured powders, coloured rice, pulses and flower petals. And marigold is an important flower that is widely used to draw Diwali rangoli designs. Ahead of Diwali 2020, search engines are flooded with requests for easy and latest rangoli designs with marigold flowers. Some of the keywords are - marigold rangoli design, marigold rangoli design for Diwali, marigold flower rangoli design images, rangoli design for Diwali, rangoli design images new and simple, rangoli design simple, rangoli design images, rangoli designs 2020, rangoli design photo, rangoli design small. So, here’s a collection of Diwali 2020 special rangoli design photos and videos for you to draw them easily on the festival day.

Simple Marigold Rangoli Design

If you are a fan of huge rangoli designs as a part of Diwali decorations, but feel intimidated by the process, this easy floral rangoli design idea is just for you. This beautiful marigold rangoli design is simple to draw and less time-consuming. You will need petals of yellow and orange marigold flowers along with small green leaves. You can use white chalk or a crayon to draw the outline of rangoli and then fill it with these petals as shown in the video.

Watch Video of Beautiful Big Flower Rangoli Decoration for Diwali:

Easy Marigold Rangoli Design for Diwali 2020

While marigold flower remains the key material to make this rangoli, there are other elements included to take the final design one notch up. This Rangoli or pookalam design is made with petals of orange marigold flower, green leaves, medium-sized white flower, preferably mogras or carnations, white quartz powder and a lighted diya or tea candle. Go ahead and follow this rangoli design video tutorials to make the most gorgeous rangoli pattern this Diwali 2020!

Watch Video of Easy and Beautiful Rangoli Using Marigold Flowers:

Traditional Diwali Rangoli Design That Is So Easy To Make

Isn't it wonderful when you can make create a design that is fuss-free, easy-to-make and yet appear so lavish? Yes, that is exactly what this rangoli is all about. Carefully follow these steps to draw the most beautiful rangoli design with marigold flowers and diya!

Watch Video of Rangoli Design With Marigold Flowers and Diya:

Marigold flowers are considered highly auspicious in Hindu culture. During festivals, marigold, along with mango leaves, are used to make toran that is hung at the entrance of the house. Marigold flowers are called ‘Herb of the Sun,’ and is a representation of the sun. Yellow, saffron and red colours represent passion, devotion, victory and joy, and therefore holds much significance during festivities. We hope the above collection of rangoli designs help you decorate your house and may Maa Lakshmi bless you and your family with divine blessings. Happy Diwali 2020!

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