World Snake Day 2019: Amazing Serpent Facts That Are SSSimply Fang-tastic!
World Snake Day (Photo Credits: File Image)

Do slithering serpents give you the chills done the spine? Well, not everyone likes snakes. But while the reptiles can give one the creeps, there are some interesting things about them that will interest you about these crawling animals. But not all snakes are dangerous or venomous. July 16 happens to be World Snake Day and what better time to learn a bit more about them? On this World Snake Day 2019, we give you some amazing facts about all kinds of snakes in the world. World Snake Day 2019: Exotic Serpents You Can’t Unsee, View Pics.

Amazing Facts About Snakes

  1. There are over 4000 species of snakes in the world. Of these 600 snakes are venomous and over 200 snakes pose a serious threat to humans.
  2. The head of a snake is still dangerous even if it is decapitated. It can still bite hours after the death and it usually has huge amounts of venom.
  3. One of the rare occurrences that are seen in snakes is polycephaly, in which a snake has more than one head. However, they do not survive for long in the wild. Both heads try to go in different directions and fight for food. Rare Two-Headed Viper Snake Found in House-Garden in Virginia, Watch Video.
  4. Snakes have the most flexible jaws that can open upto 150 degrees! This extensive jaw movement allows them to swallow the prey.
  5. Snakes are good actors too! The spitting cobra species can fake their death by flipping on their back if they feel threatened.
  6. Snakes use their tongues to smell. They collect some airborne particles and pass it to the mouth to make a note of it.
  7. Snakes can not just crawl some of them fly too! The paradise tree snake found in South East Asia can fly. Some others glide through the air too quickly that it looks like they are flying. There are 5 recognized species of flying snakes.
  8. A spitting cobra's venom is not just deadly but also have a very accurate aim. They spray their venom in the attacker's eyes and cause a blinding effect.
  9. The smallest snakes in the world are he Brahminy blind snakes. They get mistaken for earthworms as they are only 2 ½ inches long.
  10. The king cobras make for good parents among all other snake species. They are caring parents who defend and protect their eggs from the predators.
  11. The symbol of a serpent is one of the most widespread and oldest cultural symbols. The serpent symbol often denotes the presence of good and evil in life.
  12. The world's top ten deadliest snakes are found in Australia.
  13. Since a snake's body structure does not have a diaphragm, its heart can move around. But the anatomy is such that when a large prey is ingested, the heart is not damaged.
  14. There is a place in Brazil called Snake Island, which is literally infested with serpents. There are 5 snakes per square meter, so it declared as a no human zone.

Aren't these creatures just amazing? It is interesting how these slithering reptiles and their species are capable of doing so much. Most people tend to get scared of these slithering reptiles but there is indeed so much to learn about them. We hope you have enlightened you a bit into the creepy crawly world.