Rare Two-Headed Viper Snake Found in House-Garden in Virginia, Watch Video
Two-headed viper snake found in Virginia (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

A rare two-headed viper snake was found at a residence in Northern Virginia. A woman found this rare slithering creature in the garden outside her house and immediately called the rescue helpline. The snake is currently monitored by state herpetologist after an initial examination in Wildlife Center of Virginia. J.D. Kleopfer, the herpetologist said that it is an extremely rare species in the wild. The snake belongs to the venomous viper snake family. 60 Highly Poisonous Russell's Viper Snakes Found in School's Kitchen in Maharashtra (Watch Video). 

This snake was two weeks old, about 6 inches. Snakes with such defects or mutations find it difficult to adapt in the wild. They cannot survive well because of the two heads. "Thanks to the Wildlife Center of Virginia we were able to determine that the left head has the dominant esophagus and the right head has the more developed throat for eating," said the herpetologist who is looking after the snake with utmost care. Rattlesnake Dancing! Check The Rare Combat Dance Video of Two Deadly Snakes in Virginia. 

Check the video of the rare two-headed viper snake found in Virginia:

Because of its small size, the snake wasn't that dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these snakes attack humans only when they are disturbed. This snake could be attacking only the insects. But now it is important for the caretakers to keep it alive.  "They just don’t live that long. The herpetologist will continue monitoring the snake; if it survives, it will likely be placed in an educational facility," a spokesperson from the centre informed in a news report.