Thanksgiving 2022 is here and apart from the traditions of the day, an important occasion of Drinksgiving is celebrated one night before the holiday. This event has an unofficial history but it’s mostly a time for adults who return home for Thanksgiving to meet up with their friends and family over drinks one night before Thanksgiving. November 23 is the date of this ultimate homecoming celebration when you can invite your friends over for a few drinks of mocktails or cocktails and play some drinking games or just hit the local bar with your childhood friends. To make your Drinksgiving 2022 more special, we have compiled a few Thanksgiving cocktails, from Thanksgiving Punch to Pumpkin Vodka Martini, which you can even enjoy as mocktails on this special occasion. Drinksgiving 2022 Date and Significance: Know History and Ways To Celebrate the Occasion Held a Night Before Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving, people gather around for a special Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and plenty of side dishes to be grateful for the previous year. As it marks the beginning of the holiday season, excitement is in the air and people love to celebrate for a couple of days, especially with Drinksgiving a day before Thanksgiving. Try out these cocktail recipes at home if you’re planning to host a special Drinksgiving 2022 night.

Thanksgiving Punch

This special holiday deserves a special cocktail and this Thanksgiving punch with apple cider, champagne, cranberries and much more is all you need to celebrate Drinksgiving with your whole group.

Morticia's Kiss

Named after Morticia Addams from The Addams Family, this sinful and simple cocktail recipe with dark spiced rum, thyme and blackberries should work very well for the ones who want a terrific yet easy recipe.

Thanksgiving Cobbler

Also called the Imperial Cranberry Cobbler, all you need is cognac, syrup, cranberries and champagne combined to set the mood for the Drinksgiving 2022 party.

Pumpkin Vodka Martini

This cocktail is creamy and has all the soothing pumpkin flavours. All those who love Vodka-based cocktails should definitely try this out.

Holiday Punch

For all those who prefer mocktails, this punch and the others can all be made without adding alcohol. For others, this punch with cranberry ginger ale and Vodka can be your go-to for the holiday season.

Festivals and holidays are all about getting together with all the people you love and bonding over food and drinks. We hope these cocktails help you enjoy the holidays a little more. Happy Drinksgiving 2022!

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