Cheese And Butter For Weight Loss? 6 Healthy Fats That You Should Include In Your Diet
Cheese and butter good for your heart and can help you lose weight fast. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

Fats are bad for health is a myth! We have always told ourselves that it is unhealthy and, in turn, end up choosing everything that is low on fat. Nowadays we opt for food like low-fat cheese, ice cream, yoghurt,  and even milk. Cutting down on fats is not a good idea, as it deprives us of the benefits good fats give our body. Studies have recently found that consuming full-fat butter, cheese, milk doesn't increase the risk of early death from heart diseases or stroke. Most dietitians are promoting the idea of consuming good fats, especially if you want to lose weight.

According to a study which proclaimed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it was stated that there is no vital link between dairy fats and cause of death due to stroke or any other heart disease. In fact, a particular kind of dairy fat may act as a shield upon having a severe stroke.

What Are Fats? Let's Understand Both Good Fats and Bad Fat

Trans-fat is the kind of fat comes into our body by consuming junk food and fried foods. It usually comes from hydrogenation which directly turns healthy oils into solids and doesn't allow them to decay. It’s the most dangerous type of fat you can settle in your body.

Consuming foods rich in trans fat increases the toxic LDL cholesterol in our bloodstream. Which also lead to insulin resistance, which raises the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

On the other hand, we can get good fats from sources like vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds. It is unusual from saturated fats as it is generally in a liquid state at average room temperature. It is always recommendable to include good fats in a diet as it always helps in weight loss. A quality fat such as ghee, Salmon, dry fruits or avocado can help you lose weight also consuming a good fat makes you feel full which directly reduces your yearning for other food.

Following Are Some of the Foods Rich in Good Fats: 

1) Avocados

Unlike most other fruits which are high in carbs, avocado is filled with fats. About 77 percent fat is present in a single avocado, making them rich in fat than most animal foods. Avocados are among the most significant sources of potassium they have a monosaturated fat known as oleic acid which has various health benefits. Studies have also proven they help in increasing good cholesterol (HDL) in a human body by lowering LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

2) Cheese

Unlike all the facts that you have heard about cheese, it is on the contrary amazingly nutritious. Cheese proves to be a rich source of selenium calcium, phosphorus and, vitamin B12. A single slice of cheese contains almost 6.7grams of protein which is equivalent to a glass of milk.

3) Dark Chocolate

It is one of the foods which is tasty as well as healthy for your body.

With fat at around 65 percent, we can say that it is rich in fats. Other nutrients that are present in it are fibre, magnesium, copper and manganese. A study also stated that dark chocolate is also loaded with antioxidants which proves very beneficial for the body.

4) Whole Eggs

A single egg includes 212 mg of cholesterol, which contributes 71 percent of the recommended daily intake of fat. In addition to it, 62 percent of the calories present in whole eggs come from fat. Investigations have shown that cholesterol present in eggs does not affect the cholesterol that is present in the blood.

5) Coconuts and Coconut Oil

One of the prominent sources of saturated fat available easily is coconut and coconut oil. About 90 percent of the fatty acids present in coconut are saturated. Consuming large amounts of coconut reduces high levels of heart disease and are high for health. Coconut fats contain medium-chain fatty acids. The metabolism of the fats is different than ordinary fats. These fats a formed in ketone bodies and are stores in liver.

6) Full-Fat Yogurt

Natural, full-fat yoghurt is astonishingly healthy. It is filled with healthy, probiotic bacteria, that can have significant effects on your health. It has all the other essential nutrients as other high-fat dairy products have in them. Yoghurt consumption improves digestive health and obesity, and helps fight heart disease.

While we know now that good fats are healthy, you must keep in mind that nothing consumed in excess is going to help your body. Moderation is the key to right weight loss. You must tame your body to consume, even healthy food in controlled portions.

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