New Delhi, May 5: Unlike the first wave of COVID-19, more young people, are seemingly getting infected by the deadly virus amid the second and current wave across the country. Among the other symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, cough, fatigue, the latest to join the long list is called ‘happy hypoxia’. The rate of lung infection in young people is way higher in the second wave of coronavirus in India and, as per reports, 'Happy Hypoxia', a condition in which the person has very low levels of oxygen in the blood with no symptoms at all, has gripped the younger population in the country.

The COVID-19 cases in India are escalating at an unprecedented rate. Younger population is getting afflicted majorly this time, but as they may be having mild or no symptoms, due to which they are being home isolated. COVID-19 Second Wave- High Viral Load: Does It Lead to Severe Symptoms? Everything You Need to Know About the Phenomenon Related to Coronavirus.

What is Happy Hypoxia?

Happy Hypoxia, a condition that has been particularly observed in young people, is where the patient does not know that their blood oxygen level is low. They continue with their daily activities as they do not feel any COVID-19 symptoms. Experts believe that this condition can also prove fatal as there are no symptoms, due to which one doesn't monitor the oxygen levels on a frequent basis. However, the saturation levels in these cases could dip drastically and may also cause death also as the drop could be too steep and youngsters would not realise because of their high immunity and health.

Basically, hypoxia refers to very low oxygen levels in the blood. The normal oxygen saturation in the bloodstream of a healthy person is above 95%. However, the oxygen levels in COVID-19 patients display dangerous declines of as less than 40%. This would certainly call for urgent medical attention as the patient would need immediate oxygen support and in critical cases, ventilators too.

What Happens in Happy Hypoxia?

The condition is known as 'Happy Hypoxia' as the patient does not feel any coronavirus symptoms in the initial stages of sickness and appears to be alright and happy on the outside. Some young people who are at home also display a drastic drop of oxygen levels which is common in this condition.

Any person with 'Happy Hypoxia' may not show symptoms of breathlessness but their SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation) levels are dangerously low.  The patient does not get alarmed till the disease has progressed and there is severe damage to the lungs. This condition is seen in patients with mild symptoms or who are asymptomatic as they can withstand some amount of hypoxia and are comfortable even at 81 saturation level.

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