Hot Foreplay Ideas: Sexy Things to Do With Ice for the Wildest Night Ever
Ice Foreplay (Photo Credits: Needpix)

Want to heat things up in the bedroom? The secret is to first cool down. With some eyes, you can stimulate the neuroreceptors under your skin and add a little kink to your play. Stimulating nerve endings in foreplay will not only build excitement and anticipation but also give you a highly intensifying pleasure. Plus, ice can prolong your ability to withhold orgasm, thus leading to a heightened state of sexual arousal. Here's how to get all the fun started.

1. Kiss With Ice

Begin your foreplay session with a slightly melted ice cube in your mouth. As you nibble your partner with your mouth, pass it back and forth. As the ice melts and starts to get smaller, hide it in different places in your body so that they have to try to find it with their tongue. This makes for a hot bedroom game, isn't it?

2. Trace a Chilly Path

As you get cosy with them, use the ice to trace a chilly path in their body and then follow it with your tongue. The temperature change will not only heighten the pleasure but will also make things more exciting in bed. The anticipation of watching where your lips go will send them over the edge. Hot Foreplay Ideas: Most Sensitive Body Parts to Stimulate Before Sex.

3. Foot Play with Ice

Have them lightly run the ice cubes along the soles and the perimeter of your feet. Feet is one of those erogenous zones that speeds up arousal. Believe us when we say that the area of the brain that processes touch on your genitals is somewhere on your feet.

4. Ice Tease

While you give your partner a slap rub with one hand, use the other hand to trail the ice cube along their hairline and temples, all the way down to the base of their neck. This will make them really hot and spice up your act. Week: What to Do If Your Man Loses Erection In Between Foreplay? (Watch Video).

5. Ice Circle the Erogenous Zones

Put the ice in your partner's hand and guide it so that they can make circles in and around the erogenous zones of your body, and slowly make them work their way to the hotspots like your nipples and genitals. Sex In Hotel Room? From Sex Positions To Safety Tips, Here Are Things That No One Will Tell You.

6. Place Ice between Breasts

Another way to heat things up in the bedroom is to place the ice between your breasts and run it back and forth so that your skin feels cool and wet. Then guide your man's penis between your cleavages for a hands-free massage.

To cool down post-sex, rub the ice cube across your partner's back and then ask them to return the favour. This activity will get you heated up for round two.

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