How to Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery: 4 Simple Things That Make Your Boobs Look Fuller and Perkier
Boobs (Pixabay)

There is nothing apart from surgery and gaining bodyweight that can technically increase the size of your breasts.  Maybe that's why the chunk we spend on bras each year is larger than the GDP of Iceland. While you really cannot turn A cups into Bs or beyond, you surely can add that extra oomph to your bosoms, and that does not need any hard work. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Working the Chest Muscles

If you are busty good for you, but if you want bigger busts, perform exercises that will build the muscle wall of your chest to give an illusion of bigger busts. And if you think you have no time for sweating out, just stick to the bust-boosting exercises.  Working the chest from multiple angles with enough weight ensures plenty of stimuli to increase strength and develop the muscles.

Devote a lot of time to push-ups the next time you hit the gym.  They are excellent in working multiple muscles of your chest all in one movement. For best results, you mix up your regular push-ups with tricep push-ups or one-hand push-ups. Try and complete two sets of 20 repetitions at the beginning of the workout and finish your session with another two sets. Follow this routine three times a week. How NOT to Make Your Boobs Look Bigger: Weird Hacks to Achieve Bigger Breasts That Are Myths.

2. Oestrogen Levels

Like many other changes in your body, increased estrogen levels can also increase your cup size. So your breasts grow in size when you are pregnant. Apart from oestrogen, progesterone and prolactin are the other two hormones that contribute to bigger breasts. Eating oestrogen-rich foods like flax, soy, red wine, etc. can effect a modest change in your breast size.

It is also not unlikely to see a change in your breasts during that time of the month.  This happens due to the temporary weight gain and you are right, it happens due to the hormonal fluctuations. Want Bigger Boobs? Chinese Company Says Drinking Its Coconut Milk Will Help Women Get Enlarged Breasts.

3. Sexual Activities

Sex is not just great for orgasms but it is good for your breasts too.  Sex inevitably spikes the heart rate which in turn increases blood flow to several parts of the body including the breasts.  Pumping blood to the breasts can make your breasts look fuller and larger. Don't expect too much of a chance as your boobs will also cool down once you cool down. If you are going solo, take out some time to pleasure yourself.

4. A Good Posture

Stop slouching if you want bigger and perkier boobs. Everything falls into place if your core is strong. Your back is well-supported and hence, you don't lean forward and your shoulders too do not pronate.  Your breasts will be pushed out when you sit erect rather than being shrunken inwards.

We want you to know that beautiful boobies don't just equate to a larger cup size. What you can do, however, is to enhance what you have got and love the size you are in.