How NOT to Make Your Boobs Look Bigger: Weird Hacks to Achieve Bigger Breasts That Are Myths
How not to make your boobs look bigger? Weird hacks to achieve bigger breasts that are Myths. (Picture Courtesy: Pexels)

Obsession with big boobs is making women try out all sorts of weird hacks. From breast implants to simple home remedies, there are a lot of ways to achieve big boobs that women have tried in the past few years. While breast implants procedure under expert supervision is one the very few safe ways to achieve big boobs a lot of other weird 'hacks' to attain big boobs are downright unsafe an illogical.

Moreover, giving in to such absurd beauty standards that claim that bigger boobs are better is straight up insane in the first place. Sometimes women who want to have bigger boobs could also be a victim of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Did you know that a significant proportion of patients see plastic surgeons on account of anxieties about the shape and size of breasts are dysmorphophobic?

For the women who are unable to get breast implants usually try home hacks to get bigger boobs and they are absolutely insane and pointless. Here are a few hacks for big boobs that are popular on social media but are utterly useless.

1. Pressing boobs makes them bigger: Pressing boobs don't make them bigger. Neither does sexual arousal make them bigger. The boob tissues don't multiply by being pressed they stay the same, and your boob growth depends highly on your overall body growth.

2. The toothpaste hack: It is crazy to believe that toothpaste can help boobs grow. Apart from giving a cooling effect, the toothpaste isn't going to do anything. It had recently become a trend on social media that turned out to be a big flop. Does Toothpaste Help to Increase Your Breast Size and Prevent Sagging? Here's The Truth About This Home Beauty Hack

3. Boob contouring: While it may give you a temporary illusion of having big boobs you may not want to rely on it all the time. Also, this kind of illusion works really well with pictures but physically doesn't make a lot of a difference.

4. Oils or vaseline: They may make your boobs smoother up to a certain extent, but its effect on size may not give you desired results. However, certain natural oils prescribed by experts may help, but the result won't be too visible.

5. Sucking boobs: This is another myth that shouldn't make you have sex with someone just to have bigger boobs. No amount of sucking can make your boobs look more prominent. It is only after pregnancy when your boob size increases, your boobs may naturally increase in size.

6. Bending downwards: No amount of gravitational pull can increase the size of your boobs. It may make your boobs saggy by time but bigger? NO!

While the internet is filled with absurd hacks and tricks the bottom line is, you must not go beyond sanity to achieve any difference in your physical appearance. A little bit of makeup and dress up is beautiful but going taking your obsession to some other level that could hurt you is madness.