How to Read Someone's Body Language? Decode What Your Partner or Your Crush Feels About You!
Body Language (Photo credits: Needpix)

It is pretty obvious that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are totally into each other. The way they hold hands, stand close and look into each other's eyes reveal a lot about their relationship. Your body language can speak volumes about the relationship you share with your partner. It can shed light on your thoughts and emotions that you might not be aware of. If you are confused about what your partner feels about you, read on to find out how to decode your partner's gesture.

1. Crossing Legs

When people experience subconscious sexual tension, they tend to direct their foot and knees towards those they are attracted to. To women, the act increases sexual allure, and they cross their legs aiming at a target. What are the 'Green Flags' Of Dating? Girls, Here Is What You Want to Know About Your Mr Right

2. Making Eyes

During any casual banter, gazing directly into your partner's eyes creates an emotional connection. Prolonged eye contact, coupled with dilated pupils is a sign that your partner is loving what they are seeing, and that is you.

3. Fiddling With Objects

Women have been known to fiddle with cylindrical objects when they are nervous or experiencing inner sexual tension subconsciously. The objects can include anything from a wine glass stem to the dangly part of an earring. Want to Make The Best First-Time Impression? Here's How to Not Creep Her Out

4. Getting Touchy

Getting touchy with your partner in public or in a group setting can increase sexual tension. That said, the physical attention you give and receive outside the bedroom leads to more affection inside the bedroom.

5. Moistening Lips

According to psychologists, lips mimic the female labia and moistening it can subconsciously reiterate the same to the partner. So if they are trying new lipstick shades, it could be a sign that they are trying to grab your attention. Just Had Break-Up? How To Know If You’re Ready to Date Again

6. Taking up Space

Placing their hands in their pockets or parting their feet to have a secure stance could be a sign that they are trying to get your attention. Men subconsciously do things that take up space in order to make their presence feel and be more noticeable.

7. Fixing Hair

Long-haired women fiddle with their locks when they are trying to gain the gaze of their partners. They also tend to run their hands through their hair in addition to the highly-stereotyped hair swirling.

Men tend to adjust aspects of their attire they consider to be the best. You may also notice them smoothing over the way clothing sits on their chest or abdomen and they do it only to seek attention.