New Delhi, June 13: The first made-in-India surgical robotic system SSI Mantra, developed by SS Innovations, aced the country's maiden human trial in telesurgery in a historic feat, the company announced on Thursday. The advancement, which signifies a monumental leap in surgical robotics, was achieved by the newly launched next-generation SSI Mantra 3.

The surgery, a robotic cholecystectomy, took place between the World Laparoscopy Hospital and the SSI Headquarters over a distance of 5 km, the company said. Dr. Sudhir Srivastava, Founder, Chairman and CEO of SS Innovations, said, "With the launch of SSI Mantra 3 and the successful completion of India's first human trial in soft tissue telesurgery, we reaffirm our commitment to driving advanced innovation and accessibility in robotic surgeries." He further added, "We are proud to contribute to the Make in India initiative and remain dedicated to advancing the boundaries of surgical excellence." Robotic Surgery: From Benefits to Cost, Everything You Should Know About Surgery By Robots.

SSI Mantra 3 is highly advanced and is designed to enhance surgical precision, efficiency, and patient outcomes by integrating the latest advancements in robotic surgery. It features 5 slimmer robotic arms and an immersive 3D HD headset, which provides surgeons with unmatched optics, and a vision cart that provides 3D 4K vision to the entire team for precision and control, said the company. It added that the cost-effective pricing of SSI Mantra 3 aims to make advanced surgical technologies more accessible to healthcare institutions across all regions of India and the world. Galaxy Care Becomes First Hospital in the World to ACQUIRE THE VERSIUS SURGICAL ROBOTIC SYSTEM.

Dr. Mylswamy Annaduari, Ex-Director, of ISRO Satellite Centre and Board of Director at SSII stated, "The launch of SSI Mantra will elevate the Indian healthcare system to the forefront globally, particularly with telesurgery now happening in India. India is racing ahead in medical science, and it is also racing to assist the entire world. The future looks promising, and I am excited to see India leading the way in medical innovation."

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