Pee-gasm Is Absolutely Natural But Is It Safe To Hold Urine For Sexual Pleasure?
Peegasm Is Absolutely Normal But Is It Safe To Hold Urine For Sexual Pleasure? (Photo Credit: Pexels)

You must have heard about the extremely popular 'sex trend', 'pee-gasm' that has become a buzzword in the recent times. While it is always surrounded by controversies, experts have a different opinion about it. The feeling of Orgasm while peeing has a lot to do with the female anatomy. Peegasm is considered to be completely natural to the whole process of 'pee-gasm'- orgasming while peeing-is thought to be extremely natural. Experiencing pleasure from delayed urination is a thing that even experts believe is true. However, what is not right is the fact that one mustn't ever hold on pee on purpose to experience orgasm just for fun.

Why do you feel 'pee-gasm'?

Orgasming while peeing has quite a lot to do with how the female pelvic area is structured. A bladder that is more than full due to holding on to your pee does affect other parts of a woman's pelvic area. The clitoris is clenched by the pressure created by the bladder as well. When this pressure is released while peeing, the muscles around the area relax and that is when you feel the sensation of pleasure which is absolutely normal.

Is it safe to have pee-gasm often?

While the euphoric pleasure derived from pee-gam may be loved by many but it is absolutely unhealthy to hold on pee on purpose as it directly affects your kidneys and can lead to many diseases like kidney stones and in extreme cases even kidney failure. Even experts believe that this is probably the worst thing women could be doing to themselves for pleasure as it does more harm than good. However, few women have claimed that the sensation that they feel while urinating is sometimes even better than real orgasm.

If you really want to achieve a similar orgasmic feeling you might want t give the Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) a shot. It tingling sensation on the skin usually beginning from the scalp towards the back of the neck. Quite commonly ASMR is triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli.