Russian Mom With a Heart-Shaped Womb Gave Birth to Twins! View Pic
Russian Mom With a Heart-Shaped Womb Gave Birth to Twins (Photo Credits: east2west news)

Sometimes babies really are born out of love. In a few cases, literally! Medical experts have come across a small group of women; their baby bump takes the shape of a heart instead of regular forms. Yes, a similar case happened for one woman in Russia. Astonishing pictures have emerged in the headlines recently! A woman’s heart-shaped womb as she gives birth to healthy twins had stunned the doctors when they performed a C-section on her at a hospital in Moscow. It is indeed an incredible moment!

The 39-year-0ld was born with a bicornuate uterus; two wombs that had fused together creating a heart-like appearance. That’s an unusual condition. An abnormality which is believed to strike one in 1,000 women. According to media reports, the doctors earlier warned her that she would struggle ever to have children. They were shocked to discover that the woman was pregnant—with twins. The twins are healthy! They were delivered through C-section, which also allowed their mother to see the heart-shaped wombs for the first time.

After the surgery, Moskovsky Komsomolets, a daily newspaper in Moscow reported that the “uterus was not removed, it was only photographed and put back.” She named her son Evgeny and daughter Varvara. The Daily Mail reported that the medics also published the incredible picture on their official Instagram account, with the mother’s consent and the images gathered thousands of likes.

Recently, a woman named Jennifer Ashwood from the United Kingdom appeared in the news when she delivered twins from both of her uteruses. Medical experts are still unclear if a bicornuate uterus affects fertility, but it does raise the risk of miscarriage and complicated births. The doctors need to do a regular check-up of the would-be mother to make sure if the baby is in a correct position.