Women on Twitter Go Crazy for Man Who Stored Drunk GF’s Fake Eyelashes As ‘Left’ and ‘Right’
Woman's boyfriend becomes internet's favourite! (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If you do not have a boyfriend and are looking for a suitable one, you might want to grab a tissue because this will make you teary. A woman who goes by the name Keani Babas on Twitter, from Guam tweeted how her boyfriend took the pain to keep her lashes safely stuck on a napkin while she was drunk. Not only that he also labelled the lashes "left" and "right" for her convenience. So while you don't even get a text back from your boyfriend, this woman's bf went the extra mile at being thoughtful.

The woman shared pictures of her lashes stuck on a napkin and explained on Twitter how her boyfriend Peter Vincent labelled them when she was drunk. The women on the internet are going gaga over this boyfriend with many calling him "keeper" and someone suggesting that she should get married to him.

Take a look at the Tweet that is going viral:

Here are some of the reactions:


She also shared a picture of wearing them

Where do I find such guys?

Please tell me


Oh yes

Right away

Like, I can't even

No matter what, this boyfriend has won hearts on Twitter! He's proof that chivalry and thoughtfulness aren't dead. Let all the boyfriends taking their girls for granted take notes. Thanks for showing the world how it's done Peter!