Kimaya Kapoor is a name inspiring thousands of people today. She's one of the best Travel Bloggers in India, an inspirational Athlete, an amazing Aerial Hoop Gymnast, a dedicated MMA trainee and an aspiring Model in the Fashion Industry. So, Let's take a look at her life through our exclusive interview.

Kimaya, please tell us about your most cherished accomplishments?

Honestly, I've been blessed to work for the biggest e-commerce brands like Snapdeal and Flipkart, walked the ramp for numerous names like Joy Alukass, PMJ, and Mannipalli Jewellers.. I've done many photoshoots for fashion houses like Neeru’s Shashivangpalli. Although, I can say winning the Miss Hyderabad 2018, Beauty Pageant was a turning point for me. So I guess, I don't have one thing to thank for.

What are you more passionate about? Athletics, Modelling, Travelling or Acting?

That's a good question. Actually it's tough to choose one. Because they're all a part of me. I love sports as much as I engage in Modelling or acting. They're all their own realms. But when it comes to travelling. That's my soul. My passion for travel has made me hooked to Travel Industry. In fact that's where I met a lot of amazing people, like my dear friend & colleague Rahul Lokare and his amazing team at Flamingo Productions. He's a Celebrity & Travel Photographer himself. In fact, in recent times we've done multiple travel projects in Maldives, Bali, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Colombia etc. That's some major Travel goals.

Was this a Childhood Dream, Or life just happened for you?

I hail from Kota, Rajasthan, and I grew up in a conservative Marwadi family. So one can imagine pursuing your passion and convincing your family can be quite the task. But luckily for me, my family has been very supportive. It's funny, cause through out my schooling I was just another girl in a nutshell... But as I grew, I realised what I wanted and where I wanted to be. I mean, I have an MBA in finance and marketing, But life is not about what you study in the classroom, is it! Here I am today, exploring the world & living my dreams.

What does your upcoming venture look like .. any major upcoming project you want to let your audience know about?

A lot of my followers on Facebook and Instagram have been repeatedly asking me about it, I've got a lot of offers from South Film Industry, in fact by the end of upcoming year I will have my debut, it's a Tamil Movie that's all I can say for now, I don't want to reveal much but it's surely going to be worthwhile. Wherever I go, the universe helps me. Be it Mumbai, Hyderabad or any other city, I've got multiple Modelling and music assignments, Plus, on sports front, I'm really sweating it out to ace Gymnastics & MMA. Thanks to my wonderful coach, by the way he's also India’s top UFC MMA Coach. So if everything falls into place. I will begin with State level Championship.

A tricky one, Would you be underpaid for best performance. Or overpaid for a mediocre one?

Well, My people know that I give my 100% in whatever I do. Be it Gymnastics, MMA, Ariel Hoops, Acting, Travelling, Modelling. Every single thing, I pour myself into it. So I expect to be acknowledged for it. But to choose one. It will be underpaid for best performance.

Here's the final one for you, Why do you do what you do?

It's simple. To live my dreams. I believe in Karma. You see, what one gives to the universe returns onto oneself with great accuracy and speed. That's all.