Sales and Business Strategist Ryma Krimi knows how to turn a great idea into a flourishing enterprise and she’s dedicated to helping you do the same. Ryma founded Entrepreneur Lady Hustler to support women all over the world develop their own unique business strategies and live their dreams.

Her 13 years of marketing and business development experience with international firms and government agencies have shown her how to be the kind of leader she would follow. She has used her inside knowledge to create a series of 4-Week Intensive Workshops covering essential principles such as social media strategies and finance management to empower her fellow Lady Hustlers.

Experiences Of An Uneven Society

Ryma’s was a childhood filled with travel. She was born in Tunisia, and her parents subsequently relocated to India, Denmark, Greece and Japan. These experiences opened her eyes to the ways in which society’s preconceptions and patriarchal standards often limit women’s achievements and curtail their skills.

Determined to not be constrained by her gender, Ryma used her multicultural upbringing to develop exceptional communication skills and an accessibility that turned her into a brilliant seller. When she finally settled in Canada, her pro-activeness, discipline, and confidence led her to close more deals than any of her colleagues. 

A few years ago, Ryma faced the devastating news that she only had a 30% chance of survival during her second pregnancy. However, she beat the odds thanks to the support of her family and her own immeasurable strength, and she now lives in Montreal with her husband and two young sons.  

Her meetings with women from all over the globe and her own experiences showed Ryma the power held within the female body and the strengths, skills and qualities specific to women. She also noticed how all around her, fear of failure or not being taken seriously was preventing women from doing what they love. She saw a lack of empathy in the workplace and a lack of support for female professionals. Everything Ryma saw and lived through inspired her to build a global platform for female business owners and professionals, from Mum-trepeneurs to aspiring graduates.

Giving Women The Opportunities They Deserve

Ryma realised that a lack of start-up capital was a major obstacle for many entrepreneurs and has devised methods such as targeted marketing and defining a single business strategy to make setting up a business affordable.

“Working with various accounts and clients around the world allowed me to understand the challenges that faced female entrepreneurs and professionals, said Ryma. “I realized they needed someone to teach them how to achieve success without spending large amounts of money from the get-go.”

Ryma is on a mission to expand her community of ambitious female professionals who can learn from, grow with and support each other as they reach their goals. For this reason, the 36-year-old has launched an exclusive members’ organisation called The Lady Hustler Society Club. New members are led through a 4 phase programme to gear them for success, then they are paired with an accountability partner who provides them with encouragement and acts as a sounding board.

“We have experienced so many amazing success stories, where members have connected and become accountability partners and friends for life!” The Sales and Business Strategist says. “You never know who you're going to meet and what opportunities, ideas, collaborations and friendships will arise.”

As a working mother, Ryma recognises the challenges women in her position face. Her workshops, events and offers are all focused upon efficiency, accessibility and affordability, such as her exclusive Branding Bundle masterclass. Lady Hustler also offers members the physical tools needed for career success. These include planners, work diaries and thermal leak-proof coffee mugs.

Alongside her group sessions, Ryma provides one-on-one mindset life coaching to equip clients with the self-belief and can-do attitude they need to put their plans into action and watch them take flight. She sees each day as an opportunity to bring more joy into her client’s lives and her own, and she achieves this by helping countless women fulfil their potential through Lady Hustlers. As Ryma says, “Stop waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel and light that bitch up yourself!”