Makeup on an Egg? After an Egg Beat Kylie Jenner, People Cannot Handle This Egg Getting a Full Face Makeup
Makeup on Egg. (Photo Credit: Screengrab Twitter/@_maripela)

We recently saw a makeup tutorial shown on a potato which was made to look like a real pretty face of a woman using only the makeup products. And now since the time has evolved by only a few weeks, we are witnessing a full-face makeup done on an egg. It is not even shocking, an egg just broke the internet, and now it has made it to the makeup world as well, winning the internet yet again. The egg that recently took Instagram by storm by becoming the most liked picture on the social media. With a whopping 50,004,043 likes on Instagram, the stock image of an egg broke the record of the highest liked photo on Instagram. The record earlier belonged to Kylie Jenner who's the first picture of her baby Stormi has received 18 million likes. However, now it is time to welcome the egg in the beauty world (I just hope this egg doesn't run the presidential election next year.) Makeup Tutorials: Bizarre TikTok Video of a POTATO Getting a Makeover Goes Viral on the Internet.

In the video, the artist that goes by the username @_maripela can be seen using all kinds of makeup products on the egg right from the foundation, eyeliner, lipstick to eyebrow pencil, etc. Take a look at the video of a full face makeup done on an Egg.

However, while we believe it is an art to do a full-face makeup on an egg, the Twitterverse seems cannot stop roasting the video online. Take a look at some of the hilarious reactions the viral makeup video of the egg has received on Twitter.

ROFLing hard!

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Time to leave earth!

Same feels...

And still looks prettier than me...

Will steal the egg's makeup bag

Waste of money

Damn, double standards!

Time has come to die

The Twitter user does the full-face makeup. She used liquid foundation, and with a makeup sponge, she blends the whole foundation to smoothen the skin of the egg. And then she adds some definition to the egg's surface by drawing eyebrows and creating an eye-like structure using an eyeshadow.