‘They Did Surgery on a Grape’ and Now There Are Funny Memes on It Ruling the Internet!
surgery on a grape memes (Photo Credit: Screengrab Twitter/Slothful Jeremiah) ‏

If the headline has already puzzled you, you might want to know that a surgery on a grape was actually done, that wasn't a hoax. The surgery on a grape video has just gone viral and has turned into memes that will crack you up. The statement 'they did surgery on a grape'has become a meme that is breaking the internet in the best way possible. A harmless online video paved its way to the trolls on the internet to make so many memes. ‘Don’t Say It’ Memes On Instagram and Twitter Are So Relatable That It Is Crazy!

The video shows hands with little equipment doing surgery on a grape. It is said that the operation was done to show the precision of the 'Da Vinci surgical system.' It is a new technology involving the movements of a robotic arm used to perform medical procedures. At the end of the video, they show grape being finely sliced using robotic tools. Soon the video turned into memes that are being widely shared on Twitter and Reddit.

Take a look at the video-

Here are a few memes that will leave you ROFLing-

'Don't say it...'+ 'They did a surgery on a grape'= ROFL!

GRAPE'S Anatomy!

Guys, don't do this!

We're all wondering!

I can't even...

Did you even think about it? No, you only think about yourself!

OMG! I can't even breathe...

Interrogation numero uno!

There is a Twitter handle dedicated to it, people!

Right now after watching the grape going under the knife every grape on this Earth must be singing this Bollywood Hindi song with lyrics "Angoor ka Dana Hun, Sui Mat Chubha Dena." Which roughly translates as "I am a grape and please don't poke needle." Watch the video and pray for those grapes!

Isn't this beyond funny? Wondering how simple things like these become fodder for the memers in no time! Which one is your favourite meme? Let us know in the comment section below.