Susan Schultz is a seasoned executive coach and the founder of Inspired Integration, a career, and integrated life coaching agency. 

Susan’s professional background and career achievements have made her a nationally recognized career development coach. She’s guided clients through the world of Talent Management for over thirty years. After leaving the corporate world, she turned her passion into a business and has been helping others find both success and happiness in their career ever since. 

Susan built her career on helping others understand who they are, where they’re at, or what is standing in their way from their dream job. She is on a mission to help women and young people achieve tremendous success in finding a career that they love so they can live a life that’s aligned with the work they’re passionate about doing.

Susan founded Inspired Integration to offer clients one-to-one career coaching and the Integrated Life Academy - a career coaching academy that supports people beginning a new career, changing careers, and workforce re-entry. The Integrated Life Academy is a four-month state-of-the-art virtual group learning experience. Students will walk away with new job-hunting tools, resume coaching, learn how to set goals, and other foundational knowledge needed to start or change their career paths. 

To learn more about Susan and get involved in one-to-one coaching or the Integrated Life Academy, visit   

With her business coaching program and career-building academy, Susan uses a holistic approach to help her clients overcome fear, self-doubt, and self-sabotage while actively searching for their dream job. As a career development coach, she specializes in talent management, human resources, recruiting, and career planning for women and college graduates. 


Susan currently lives in Illinois and enjoys fishing with her husband Mark during her spare time.