Going to New York and wondering what sights to see? Here are some great tips.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

This one may not be a surprise for taking the top spot. These attractions are usually a must-see when you visit New York City.

Besides being the symbol of New York City, the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of America as well. The Ellis Island also represents our country, noting that almost half of the American people can trace their ancestry back to this island.

There are lots of options to view the statue from the harbor, but the best would be going to Liberty Island to have an up-close view. If you like, you can visit the Statue of Liberty Museum and climb up the pedestal for awesome views. After that, it's a fast ferry ride to Ellis Island where you have a chance to explore the immigration museum and learn a lot about this gateway to America.

Both Islands have special experiences for visitors, so it's worth discovering them by yourself at least once. You can choose to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in the company of a guide to make your visit more interesting, but, no matter how you choose to visit, these two attraction sites should be top of you list.

Observation Decks: Empire State, One World Observatory, Top of the Rock

There's an amazing urban skyline in New York City, we have the observation decks to go with it. The One World Observatory, the Empire State Building, and Top of the Rock are some of the top three. Any of them guarantees you an awesome view and an experience you may never forget.

But, going for all three may not favor many people due to money and the time factor, so I recommended picking one and take a lot of pictures. Each one of them has benefits. Here are some quick highlights, but each one is linked to a blog post relating to that attraction so that you can read everything and decide the best one for you.

Empire State Building: This is the most famous one, and it's classic. It opens at the latest, so you can try and fit it well into your schedule.

Top of the Rock: The viewing platform is not as high as that one at the Empire State Building, however it offers clear views of Central Park, and you can capture a photo with the Empire State Building. Top of the Rock has various levels that allow you more viewing options when there's less crowding.

One World Observatory: It's sometimes called OWO, and is the tallest and newest of them all. It's a popular one as well because it is strategically located at the One World Trade Center allowing views of the Statue of Liberty and the harbor.


The Theater District hosts more than 40 Broadway theaters, and that's why New York is known for the best live theater in the world. Whether it's the latest smash-hit or a new musical watching a Broadway show takes you from your position to a different reality. That's why Broadway is like magic!

One guide we prepared shared a lot of useful tips for exploring the place in our Broadway behind the scenes blog post. He gives a few suggestions for the tickets, but though the cost may be steep, there's still a way to go about it. An example, you can go to the TKTS booth found in Times Square or sign up with TodayTix and get instant discounts.

There's also the option of touring Broadway with a real-live NYC actor, to know more about the secrets behind NYC's Theater District's success compared to any other in the world.

Central Park

There's no better feeling than that of spending a sunny day in Central Park. Make sure you save this for a good day since you can't fully enjoy its beauty, mostly in New York's backyard when the weather is rainy.

Walk around The Ramble, skate at Wollman Rink, give tribute at Strawberry Fields and go for a picnic in Sheep's Meadow. There are lots of available options and you note other New Yorkers are doing the same. You can get a glimpse of the authentic life in New York City by visiting Central Park.

Although rain might interfere with your perfect time at the park, don't let the cold weather block your plans. Whenever it's snowing at Central park there's a lot of fun, and ice skating during winter feels great.

Afterwards, if you’re hungry then there are plenty of Food Trucks NYC for you to enjoy – take a look at NYFTA for details.

Little Italy and Chinatown

New York city is massively diversified, and you'll experience this when you visit Chinatown and Little Italy. What's the best part? These two are completely different but they're very close to each other, in fact, next door. This is the beauty of New York: You're able to enjoy two fascinating but completely different neighborhoods in the same place.

Many people visit the neighborhoods during the same trip. We also do the same for our neighborhood tour, including SoHo in the mix. Due to their proximity, you can enjoy it all in less than an hour.

You're also free to stay longer if you'd like to enjoy lunch or dinner. Little Italy has many options for pizza, pasta, and pastries and several annual celebrations that breathe life into the neighborhood. As you move from the Italian Mulberry Street you'll go through Canal Street, which is the heart of Chinatown. Chinatown appears like a city within a city. Whether you need Chinese food, medicine, or décor you'll find everything here.

Brooklyn Bridge

It's easy and fun to walk through the Brooklyn Bridge, and it offers you a chance to tour Brooklyn. The views are beautiful, and experiencing the bridge on its own is wonderous.

If you'd like excellent views, begin from the Brooklyn side and head towards Manhattan. It maintains the view on your front and ensures you begin with fewer crowds. This is a good chance for you to relax as you enjoy the scenery. Many cycle across the pathway on one of the city’s new bikes like this.

Guide tip: If the weather is good, take your stroll as the sun sets and you'll watch as the skyline of Manhattan glitters to life.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York boasts many interesting and historical museums, however, the Metropolitan Museum of Art stands out from the rest.

It's the largest art museum in the US and is among the most visited museums in the world. There are more than 2 million works in the permanent collection. Its halls are usually filled with art and culture, therefore you can spend your day here and not see everything(but in this guide to the Met, we cover everything you need to see during your visit here).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is well located in Central Park, therefore it's close to another must-see attraction that's recommended in the list.

Guide tip: The Met entrance fee is affordable so you can pay it with ease.