'Tis the season. The time is here for festivities all around the world. Christmas and New Year are sure to get you in a steamy mood. The holidays and the end of the year might represent a brand-new beginning for many people. However, this time of year can also be quite stressful for some people. All that stress might potentially severely affect your sex life if you and your spouse aren't in sync around the holidays. And by sync, we mean getting busy under the sheets with your spouse and bringing some warmth during this chilly season. To help you break out of your anxious holiday sex funk, we have for you Christmas sex positions:

1. Elf On The Shelf

Try having sex during a busy holiday party in the pantry or closet. It works best if both partners are facing the same way in a standing position. In order to ensure that both parties complete, you can use the shelves as leverage and it also leaves the person in front vulnerable to manual stimulation.

2. Christmas Stockings

Stockings and intimate intercourse are combined in this Christmas sex position. You can go crotchless with only just stockings and maybe Santa Claus caps. Photocopier Sex Position For Christmas? Here's The Perfect Way To Have A Hot Quickie During The Festive Season.

3. Jingle Bells

This move focuses on some traditional sex positions. In order to satisfy her and assure extra-intense tongue action, whenever you decide to do it, go to the kitchen and decorate your schwetty balls with any remaining green and red icing from the Christmas cookies. For a candy cane bonus, add some red frosting to the area around your penis.

4. Sexy Christmas Tinsels

Use Christmas tinsels and trinkets and have festive sex around the Christmas tree. Have the fire cackling and take the floor to do some steamy sex.

5. The Mistletoe

Forget hanging the mistletoe and become one. Allowing space for your back to be on the bed and your head to swing off the side, have your partner kneel down on the bed. After that, as you're lying down, put your feet around his neck and straighten up. The penetration and pleasure increase in depth and intensity as you raise your back higher.

We're approaching Christmas, and we hope you'll be there for your partner throughout this season of giving in terms of some *wink wink* sex. The above Christmas sex positions will quickly become seasonal favourites, whether you're with someone new or have opened that package a hundred times before the holidays.

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