Periods, the natural monthly occurence during your reproductive years may not just be those seven days of pain. With sex during periods, you can actually enjoy during your menstrual cycle. Many people get confused about sex during the period. Some people say that it has many benefits, while some people believe that it is not safe. There are many misconceptions and assumptions about period sex as well. Amongst many beliefs, we are going to discuss some things about having sex during the period.


Is it possible to have sex due to heavy bleeding?

Many women enjoy period sex a lot, but if you are among those who believe that sex is not possible due to heavy bleeding then, you must know that this is not completely true.

Will you never be pregnant by having sex during your periods?

This is the biggest misconception that thousands of women fall victim to. Many couples are not comfortable about using condoms during sex and opt to have sex during periods to stay protected but that is not completely true.

Can period sex increase blood flow during periods?

Many women do not have sex around the possible day of the period, because they think sex might induce periods of increase the blood flow if you have already started menstruating.

Does sex become painful during periods?

This is not true. Blood coming out during period itself acts as an excellent natural lubricant. Due to this, even for those women who have problems of lubrication on normal days, penetration becomes easier.

Having sex during periods is considered safe. So far no research has revealed that women or men may be at risk of some kind of disease by having sex during the period.

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