Sex Tip: What To Do If Your Partner Doesn’t Do Foreplay? Tricks To Have The Best Climax
Foreplay (Photo credits: Needpix)

Sex is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Good sex leads to great intimacy. And for the sex to be good enough, there has to be enough kissing, cuddling and foreplay before you climax. Due to lack of experience or sex education, some of us aren’t aware of how important a role foreplay plays during sex. A user on Reddit wants to know how can he initiate foreplay as his girlfriend of four months wouldn’t initiate it at all. Oral Sex, Boobgasm and Other Foreplay Tricks to Give Her the Best Orgasm Ever!

In such cases, at the beginning of the relationship itself when you’re both trying to figure out each other’s likes, dislikes and preferences, it is crucial to bring up this topic. We all have an erogenous zone which turns us on. Indulging in a little foreplay can help immensely and amp up your sex life. How? It basically builds up the excitement and the thrill before you and your partner orgasm. Foreplay includes a little bit of mischief, a lot of cuddling, some massage and a lot of oral sex. Basically, everything you do before sex/ intercourse is foreplay. For a lot of women, the whole point of having sex is indulging in some great foreplay.

Now as far as this user’s query is concerned, like he mentioned that they had been sleeping around for over a year before they got into this relationship. The point is, where the two of you comfortable all this while indulging in sexual intercourse without foreplay? Or was it always a part of the act until you got together? Make her understand how important role foreplay plays in turning you on and that you are ready to help her out with it if she doesn’t really know how to go about it.

You could simply run your fingers around her back, lick her neck and ears, grab her butt and see if she likes it. It’s all about experimenting, after all. Same goes for her too. Tell her what turns you on and ask her to do it before you both actually climax together. The only way to make the sex better is to have clear communication. If you wouldn’t communicate to her about your needs, she would never understand what you want in bed and vice versa.