Being a woman entrepreneur in the trucking industry is not uncommon these days, but a woman millionaire trucker? Yes, that would get your attention for sure. We are talking about Kierra Henderson, popularly known as ‘the trucking guru’ among her peers in the transport business. Kierra presently owns more than 116 trucks and till date has contracted deals having value more than 100 million dollars. Being a self-made entrepreneur, her journey of success was built only with extreme hard work and her stubborn willpower, with which she navigated through a very difficult business niche, despite suffering from high gender disparity.

Her extraordinary endeavour in trucking business and consequent success undoubtedly demands respect and reverence. Now she wishes to share her esteemed experiences and knowledge base so as to empower others to become self-sufficient and secure a decent earning from this multi-billion-dollar recession proof industry. She is launching the exclusive program, The Truckin' Millionaires Tour which will offer the training and coaching from Kiera herself with her 15 years of experience in the transport industry, where she developed herself from a dispatcher to a millionaire boss.

Kierra was born and raised in Dallas. Being the oldest among her eight siblings, she was a naturally born leader. She learned the intricacies of business from her father, who has been a successful entrepreneur as well. She has been able to make her way through the transport business despite not having any high school diploma or graduation. The single mom of three, Kierra today secures more than 45% of the contracts in the oil and petroleum industry while satisfying their transportation and dispatch related necessities. With her massive success in the business, she was able to bring in the financial freedom to her family which consequently made possible the early retirement of her parents and generate a generational wealth to ensure the security of her posterity.

While owning the fleet of trucks, exclusive brokerage firm and dispatchers, she is offering the course which will help others to become independent transport business owners. Also, she will teach how to secure contracts which is one of the daunting parts of this trade.

Her primary objective in this training program is to educate people, the different ways through which they can become self-sufficient in the domain of trucking business. She wants to break the wrong impression that one cannot make generational wealth in the trucking business domain and is ready to share the mantra behind obtaining the coveted financial freedom.

The program also offers an on-demand correspondence where likeminded people who are passionate about logistics and transportation can get all their questions answered. The general course includes the topics Freight Dispatching, Guide to start Dispatching Business in 30 days or less, Fleet Owner Mentorship, Freight Broker Course Live Training and many more. One of her verified students, Tina Brown said, “We were able to get training from one of the best in the industry! Thanks for providing us with the blueprint to dispatching and going hard for the tribe we’ve learned so much in such a short time!”.