Brijesh Prajapati aka Vishal Prajapati started his journey in 2015 and now with over 760k followers on Instagram, he is one of the youngest, most impactful Influencers having worked with many fashions, luxury and styling brands.

More than that, Vishal is a conscious influencer. He promotes brands that resonate with his thoughts and indirectly leave an impact on his audience as well. Every brand collaboration is a challenge for Vishal and he takes it up the same way. He aims to infuse fun in this process as well. 

Over a period of time, Vishal Prajapati has worked with premium brands like, Daniel Wellington, Dever, Fastrack, Dominos, Vilen, McCaffine among others. All these collaborations have been carefully thought over and presented to the audience in a unique way. Vishal has a mantra: he doesn't agree to collaborate with any and every brand, but when he does- he gives everything to convey the message through his content. He understands that collaboration is a responsibility. 

Vishal Prajapati has a very dedicated schedule for when a collaboration is finalised. A lot of brainstorming goes behind the scenes. Vishal studies the brand and its values. He goes through the various campaigns and themes of other influencers to gather as much insight and inspiration. As Vishal himself says, "The beauty of my work is that there is inspiration everywhere!" 

From ideation to curating the content and then eventually posting it: Vishal Prajapati is meticulous, calculative, thoughtful, creative and responsible. Vishal aims for a win-win, where the brand gets to put forward their message while making it as relatable as possible for his audience. 

In his own words, "Collaboration is a duty. It's the message of the brand on my shoulders. It cannot be basic but then again, it has to align with the audience as well. I plan the content in a way that the message gets across the table in a fun, intuitive way. It takes a lot of research and development, but it's always worth the while and serves as a learning experience for me!"