Our homes are our base, our getaway from the outside world, a respite of comfort and safety. It’s also where we spend most of our time: eating, resting, playing, and entertaining. With all the time we spend here, why not make it the very best and the very safest?  Small changes that promote added wellness and comfort don’t have to be overly expensive, complicated to operate or difficult to install. These three simple additions will enhance todays healthy home: 

Wash Well…With Water 

When it comes to comfort, cleanliness counts. A new wave is sweeping through today’s bathrooms, and it involves an updated take on the centuries-old bathroom standby, the bidet. 

Modernized to meet the demands of both down-to-earth and tech-savvy enthusiasts, today’s bidets include features such as customizable pressure and spray patterns, programmable settings, endless warm water, heated seats, and self-cleaning nozzles. Washing delicate areas after using the bathroom is not only the easiest way to get a comfortable clean, but it’s a more hygienic process as well, especially for users with mobility limitations, sensitive skin, and elimination complications such as constipation, Chrohn’s Disease, and hemorrhoids.   

Plus, bidets are an eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper, the product of an industry responsible for wiping out around 27,000 trees per day to meet demand. The production of toilet paper requires intensive water usage and bleaching, adding to overall pollution levels worldwide. In contrast, bidets use around 12-16 ounces of water per wash, and many, such as handheld sprayers, can be used without electricity. For electric models, eco-friendly settings are often available. 

The Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat makes an excellent addition to any modern bathroom, providing an ultimate pampering experience while delivering a powerful clean. In minutes the seat connects to your existing toilet and features a ceramic-core heating system for endless warm water, customizable nozzle positions and spray pressure, self-cleaning stainless-steel nozzles and a user-friendly, programmable remote with docking station. A warm air dryer eliminates the need for toilet paper if desired, a LED light helps to guide your late-night trip to the bathroom, and a carbon-block deodorizer cleans the air, always keeping you comfortable. 

Breathe Well in Your Home

There’s nothing more basic than the air that we breathe. The presence of clean air – once a guarantee in many parts of the United States – is shifting with the wind, quite literally. Since 2016 the US has seen an overall decrease in air quality, a fact attributed to increased economic growth, lowered enforcement of federal air quality regulations and a sharp uptick in wildfires located primarily on the West Coast. Wildfire smoke is perhaps the most notorious contributor to poor air quality, with recent headlines announcing that smoke from the West Coast traveled thousands of miles across the US, settling in areas like Boston, MA, and pushing air quality numbers into an unhealthy range. 

Air purifiers are a true workhorse when it comes to a healthful home. The ability to filter out contaminants like pollen, pet dander and dust are common to even the most basic machines, but some purifiers exceed this baseline exponentially, and are capable of filtering out much smaller particles, including viruses, mold, gases, and particulates resulting from wildfire smoke.

The Brondell Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier with AG+ Technology soars ahead of the competition when it comes to filtering out even the smallest contaminants from the air inside your home. Thanks to a 5-layer system of protection, it’s capable of eliminating particulates down to 0.3 microns, including viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and mold, and does so without generating harmful ozone back into your space. 

Threats like COVID-19 are a new concern when it comes to household safety, Brondell Pro is capable of stopping airborne Covid in its tracks. In FDA-approved independent laboratory testing at world-class virology laboratories MRIGLobal and SGS, the Brondell Pro was found to eliminate live aerosolized particles of COVID-19 virus within 15 minutes.  Additionally, the AG+ Technology eliminates other viruses like seasonal flu and respiratory viruses H1N1 and H3N2, providing safe air in your home year round! Weighing in at less than 20 pounds, the unit is easily movable between rooms, providing safe, clean air wherever it’s placed.

Drink Well…With Peace of Mind

An important contribution to a healthy lifestyle is staying well-hydrated. Water helps the body regulate its temperature, flushes toxins and waste from the blood, delivers nutrients to cells and helps prevent infection. Water quality can vary widely across the United States, and many chemicals found to be toxic to humans remain unregulated by the government and untested by utility providers in charge of water supply. Day-to-day changes in water quality due to natural disasters and aging or failing infrastructure are becoming more commonplace which can lead to unexpected water contamination and boil-water advisories.

For those 8-10 glasses a day, choose water that is free of contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides and chlorination byproducts. The Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System utilizes four separate advanced water filters, dramatically reducing contaminants like those listed above, in addition to cysts, arsenic, herbicides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and is Gold Seal Certified by the prestigious Water Quality Alliance for trusted performance.

Traditional reverse osmosis (RO) systems are notorious for being bulky, difficult to install, and for their extreme inefficiency, wasting up to 24 gallons of water for every gallon of drinkable water. The Brondell Circle RO System is an eco-friendly choice for those looking for a less wasteful RO solution. Thanks to an innovative design that eliminates back pressure, The Circle is up to 10 times more efficient than its traditional competitors! It installs easily beneath the kitchen sink and operates quietly, without electricity. 

The care and keeping of a healthy home is within reach, making it easy to commit to wellness. Take the next step and experience the benefits an investment in your health has to offer with Brondell’s innovative healthy home products designed for today's world!