Lighting is an essential part of every building. More people are now choosing to work from and stay at home more, thanks in part to the changing face of the world following the pandemic. This has led to an increased preference for modern housing designs. With the higher demand for personal curated lighting, Vivian Carolina Sanchez is aiming at providing innovative lighting solutions for modern buildings through her company “The Lighting Studio.”

Vivian Carolina Sanchez started off her career in Venezuela. Having graduated with a degree in civil engineering, it took brief stints as a structural designer in control cost and supervision as well as project management before she found her true calling. Sanchez has always gravitated toward projects with art and design at their core.

The Lighting Studio was a project she started with her husband, whom she met while working on civil engineering projects, and they moved to Miami to pursue their burgeoning passion.

“I have always loved the idea of art and architecture,” Vivian said in an interview, “I love the history and how they bring out new tendencies and trends in new designs.” According to Vivian, lighting design represents a unique perspective for homeowners, one she honed thanks to her time in Miami, and one she relies on to provide her clients with unique luminaire pieces.

This mantra has enabled The Lighting Studio to curate new designs that reflect on the needs of the clients.

Understanding the needs that come with different clients’ demands has been the key to her success. As a creative herself, Vivian expects it from her team as well. “We have to be able to merge seemingly random aspects, taking parts of the person and finding ways to blend that into the architecture of their house.” In this way, customization is possible, no matter how diverse her clientele gets.

“Our goal is still offering our customers not only the retail product but also the experience of receiving a complete design they will feel is their own.”

Vivian Carolina Sanchez looks back at the past as much as she ponders over the future. It is important, she believes, to learn from what came before in terms of design, to sharpen traditional practices, and then take them forward with an eye on the future. In the pandemic era, especially, creativity may be the only way to go.

The Lighting Studio perfectly embodies time-proven practices and designs, but it focuses a great deal on creativity, producing consistently innovative designs thanks to a highly creative team. This team represents one of the convictions of Vivian: the creative process is a shared endeavor, and it is only by working with people who value art and appreciate architecture and design that the company is at its best.

Through her constant desire to learn, Vivian Carolina Sanchez has been able to create a beautiful, unique business, and change the face of architectural lighting.