You might feel a rush of excitement when you meet their family, or when you guys talk about moving in together. But what if these relationship-defining moments never come? While there are plenty of reasonable explanations for why your partner may not want to talk about the future yet – and it may even be a phase you can work through, together –  it's always a good idea to stay true to what you want in a relationship. If your partner seems like they aren't taking things seriously and show these signs, it could just be a signal that your relationship won’t result in a marriage.

1 They Never Discuss Marriage

It is definitely not a good idea to discuss marriage and babies on the first date but if they only talk about jobs, career and rent even after years of serious dating it could be a serious sign that they have no plans for your future. You should trust the relationship enough to discuss your future and if they are still putting it off, it’s time for you to rethink your future.

2 They Introduce You without A Title

Let's say you're out in town and run into your partner’s friends. If they introduce you by name and leave out any sort of title, it could be a major sign that they aren't thinking towards the future. It may seem like a big deal but titles really do mean something. It shows you are special and you need separation from others.  So if they are serious about you and the relationship, they will be more than happy to get serious about titles, too. Here's why people choose to be in unhappy relationships. 

3 They Flirt With Others

While it’s okay to check out other people and have an innocent crush, it’s definitely not cool if they keep flirting with every other person. It is a sign that they are not going to settle down anytime soon. If you are okay with this, then fine but don’t expect any commitment from their end.

4 They Don’t Invite You for Family Events

Take note if you are consistently left behind without an explanation, it may have a deeper meaning. If they are thinking long-term, they will surely introduce you to their family. However, if you are consistently left behind, take note. From Ghosting To Throning, 10 Heartless Dating Trends That Should DIE DIE DIE!

5 They Don’t Spend Time with Your Friends

If your bonds with your family and friends are important for you, so should they be with your partner. Your significant other may not be that keen on spending yet another long weekend with your people, but they are usually happy to oblige knowing that it means a lot to you. However, if your partner withdraws from the conversation and avoids spending time with them altogether, it could point to their apathy toward the relationship.

6 They Change the Subject Every Time You Bring Up Future

If your partner runs for hills and quickly changes the subject when you try to discuss marriage, it is a pretty obvious sign. Try to get to the bottom of why they are acting so squeamish. If they aren’t ready or haven’t thought that far yet, maybe they are just thinking twice before jumping into the pool.


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