Washington D.C, November 26: According to various researchers, many couples who are not in love anymore or no longer into each other choose to stay together anyway. But why do people do so? Some recent studies found- the more people believe that their partner is dependent on the relationship; the less likely they are to initiate a breakup. In other words, one might choose to stay in an unhappy relationship just for the sake of their partner.

The study suggested that people stay in unsatisfying relationships because they are concerned about hurting their partner's feelings. "In my experience, there are most often underlying fears and insecurities that prevent people from moving forward into a life that might be less comfortable but ultimately happier and more authentic. These couples tend to settle into a 'good enough' relationship," sex therapist Holly Richmond told CNN. Looking For a Home for Live-In Relationships in India? Try These Online Home Rental Platforms.

But there is always a point where it is obvious that not good enough is truly not good enough, and it causes more harm to the unhappy person. Concerns about their children, finances, friends, lifestyle and standing in the community can also influence people's decision to stay together.