There was a time when people struggled to find the real definition of 'dating', 'relationship,' etc and now let's say hello to a whole new world of dating trends. And actually, we should thank god for it as they help make our dating lives a lot easier. These popular dating terms make conversation simpler and comfortable to simplify our feelings or experiences in one word. However, these days since we are bombarded with dating terms so much that we actually need a kind of dictionary to keep track. Fret not! Allow us to make life simpler for you. Seeking Love on The Internet? Here Are Few Safety Tips for Online Dating And Identifying Fake Profiles.

Here are the latest dating terms that you should know of.


This occurs if your boyfriend or girlfriend is keeping you a secret away from their friends, family and even social media. More like they stash you in the corner, hiding the existence of your relationship from others for any possible reason.


If you are being breadcrumbed by someone that means you are being sent flirty, non-committal gestures. More like keeping you are a potential 'option' for future.


More of showing love over social media. It occurs when you confirm that you like someone by scrolling their Instagram accounts and liking their pictures even the ones that are may have been posted long ago.


One of the most savage dating trends of today, Ghosting means to suddenly vanish from a relationship. It is if your partner stops all communication suddenly without any explanation that you've been ghosted. Sometimes you don't understand for days what has happened to you and you are left with no choice but to accept what it is.

Slow fading

A slower version of ghosting in short. It is when you slowly cut down the contact with the person by, maybe, replying late or not showing any attention towards the other person.


As the name suggests, this dating term 'Haunting' is when the person tries to keep contact with you even though you two have broken up. The person may try to interact with you on social media often passively. For example they a may like your pictures.


It is another term for leading someone on. It is a little more than breadcrumbing as to the person may bench you if they look at you as a potential partner but don't actually get into a relationship with you. It is when they keep you as a potential partner on the romantic back burner without making it too serious.


It is when you are in a love triangle with your partner's phone featuring in it. Phubbing is when your partner is more interested in the mentions on social media than you. Combination of the words "phone" and "snubbing," phubbing is quite common.


If you know about catfishing which is creating a fake personality online to get someone to like you, you will understand kitten fishing as well. This occurs when someone exaggerates their qualities on a dating site to trick you into getting into a relationship, however more tactfully. The person may use old photos some other embellishments to their personality that may not be true.


Throning is when you date someone just for your reputation. More like a trophy girlfriend or boyfriend. It is when the relationship has nothing got to do with the relationship perse but the x-factor of the S.O.

Does any of these terms remind you of any moment that you experienced but couldn't explain? Here upgrade your love and relationship dictionary with these terms, right away!

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