Aarey Tree Cutting: Twitterati Trend #ShutDownFilmCity as a Solution after Bollywood Celebs Express their Anger over Bombay High Court Order
Twitterati trend #ShutDownFilmCity (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Seems like Bollywood celebs will stop showing their support to any good/bad movement in recent India. Reason? Well, the blame usually comes back to them and the intensity is even stronger some times. Recently when the entire Mumbai and celebs, in particular, expressed their anger and frustration over the High Court's decision to axe the Aarey forest, Twitterati have offered a new solution that umm... may or may not be feasible. Aarey Tree Cutting: Video Shows Authorities Starts Chopping Down Trees, Twitterati Cries Foul.

After Maharashtra government had proposed Aarey forest land as the train yard for the city's upcoming metro line, activists and supporters were quick to exhibit their anger and even demand a better solution. While some suggested constructing a yard in some different zone, others are trending #ShutdownFilmcity to save Mumbai's forest zone. Many are arguing over the fact that Mumbai's film city is 20 times bigger area than the proposed Car Shed at JVLR. So why not axe it to save everyone some trouble? The same hashtag is currently trending on Twitter and we wonder if Bollywood celebs will decide to react on this. Aarey Tree Cutting: 29 Arrested by Mumbai Police Amid Protest in Aarey Colony, Security Beefed Up; Here’s All That Has Happened Since Bombay HC Order.

Check out some of the tweets here

The start of #ShutdownFilmcity campaign

Thinking about the environment

Bollywood celebs are being targeted

Hypocrites in Bollywood they say

Who knew about this?

The gaudy polyester dresses that your dance troupe wears two times at the most, is a petroleum product. How are these disposed? Have you thought of its carbon footprint? Yes. The only way to save Aatey is #ShutDownFilmCity.

Charity begins at home

Will Bollywood decide to speak?

Is shutting down of filmcity even a solution?

Bollywood celebs including Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar and Dia Mirza have publicly expressed their outrage over Government's decision to cut the forests. However, with Twitterati exploding against them and with his new hashtag trending, do you think, they will think twice before reacting to anything in future?