After 'Storm Area 51' Event Goes Viral, New Event to 'Storm The Bermuda Triangle' Comes Up With 25,000 People Already Interested!
Storm Bermuda Triangle event (Photo Credits: File Image)

Area 51, the highly classified United States Air Force facility in Nevada has never made it as much to the headlines as it has in the past few weeks, thanks to the viral event Storm Area 51 on Facebook. Over a million users registered to go to the secret base and search for aliens, a fun event which is supposed to be happening in September. And after it gained such popularity, another mysterious place, the Bermuda triangle is now on the list of netizens to raid into. A new Facebook event called 'Storm The Bermuda Triangle, It Can't Swallow All Of Us' is created on the social media site and no points to guessing, that it has got many participants too! Funny Area 51 Memes and Jokes: While 809K People Sign Up for ‘Storming’ Area 51, Hilarious Jokes Take Over Social Media.

The Storm Area 51 event went crazy viral from funny jokes and memes being made on it to the officials giving out a warning to those who might actually end up at near the secret base in September. And looks like seeing the overwhelming attention it got, someone else decided to storm the Bermuda Triangle. Thousands have vowed to venture in the mysterious region of the sea and a GoFundMe page has been set up to fund this event.

This raid will take place on October 1 and close to 19,000 people are going with other 25,000 marking themselves interested. As the page insists the area notorious for disappearances of several ships, 'can't swallow us all.' The attendees here must be dressed as SpongeBob characters or pirates. Bermuda Triangle Mystery is Solved According to Scientists! Know What Caused Many Ships and Humans to Disappear.

The creator of this event Anthony Carnovale has drawn inspiration from the Area 51 raid event page and he even plans a success party post the Bermuda Triangle raid. He was quoted to Fox11, "Live music, entertainment, beach party. Why not come to the Bermuda triangle festival?" He also expressed that he plans to earn money through the fundraiser and donate it to cancer research. "I also want to support marine life preservation. That's why anyone who would like to help out with the event and like to perform for the cause is definitely welcomed," he added. So far he has just gathered $20.

Carnavole also expressed concern about the viral event Storm Area 51 that some people may not realise its all a joke and actually end up going near the facility in Nevada. The Storm Area 51 creator Matty Roberts also expressed a fear that FBI might catch hold of him for encouraging the idea of storming the secret facility. Well, his event has prompted another fun event storming another mysterious location. Let us see if the Storm Bermuda Triangle event also goes as viral like the search for aliens.