Amul Dedicates Topical Ad to Abhijit Banerjee And Wife Esther Duflo on Winning Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
Amul Congratulates Abhijit Banjeere And Esther Duflo on Winning Nobel Prize in Economics (Photo Credits: Amul Twitter)

Indian-American Abhijit Banerjee on Monday won the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences. With this achievement, he joined the list of Indians and people of Indian origin to get the world's most prestigious award in different fields. Banerjee shares the award with his French-American wife Esther Duflo and another American economist Michael Kremer for their "experimental approach to alleviating global poverty." As congratulatory messages continue to pour out for Abhijit Banerjee and his wife Esther Duflo, diary brand, Amul has dedicated one of their topical ads to the winning couple. The Amul ad shows Abhijit sitting by his wife Esther eating Amul butter smeared bread. A caption on the corner of the ad reads 'Estherly Butterly Delicious!'

Amul shared the topical ad on Twitter with the caption, "#Amul Topical: Winners of the 2019 Nobel for Economics!" Amul's topical ads are known for playing with words and this one also has a bit of their traditional game. The caption reads, 'Nobel Abhijit Gaya!' combining English and Hindi words to referring to the fact that 'Abhijit (Banerjee) won Nobel Award. Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 2019 Jointly Awarded to Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer For Work on Poverty.

Amul Congratulates Abhijit Banjeere And Esther Duflo on Winning Nobel:

Along with Professor Abhijit, his wife Esther Duflo and American economist Michael Kremer were awarded the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences "for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty." After winning the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Abhijit Banerjee on Monday said the Prize is for the entire movement, which will "bring the message of policy-based on evidence and hard thinking to many other places as well."

Banerjee who was born in 1961 graduated from the University of Calcutta and completed his further studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University and Harvard University, where he received his PhD in 1988. Currently, he is the Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as per the university's website. In 2003 he founded the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), along with Esther Duflo and Sendhil Mullainathan where he is one of the lab's directors, Banerjee's bio on MIT website read.