Bored During Coronavirus Lockdown? Participate in These Five Viral Challenges That Are Enthralling Social Media Users While Quarantining
Social Media Challenges (Photo Credits: Instagram/ TikTok)

With the world staying back at home to prevent themselves from contracting with the deadly novel coronavirus, people are spending way too much time on social media, than ever. As per the latest reports, COVID-19 so far has infected more than 460,000 people globally. With the phone being the main form of entertainment while practising social distance, people are seen participating in viral social media challenges for good. After what is quarantine without a fun way to pass the time? As pandemic-induced social distancing pushes more and more people to the solitude of the home, self-isolators have come up with their ways to keep all the spirits up. If you are bored too, participate in these viral challenges that are enthralling social media users wile quarantining. From Gesture Challenge to I Am A Savage Challenge, the viral trends are helping users to keep their sanity. From Getting a Date Via Drone to Sending Pet Dog to Buy Things, Here's How People are Maintaining Social Distance Creatively During Coronavirus Lockdown. 

1. Gesture Challenge: 


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Gesture Challenge has taken over Instagram and lately video-sharing app TikTok. It is also called the Emoji Hand Challenge. So how can you participate in it? Go to the user’s Instagram handle, click onto the tab that has filters, the first will be Gesture Challenge. It tasks participants to copy a list of hand emojis that appear on the screen. For example, there might be a sequence in which users have to pull a thumbs up followed by a peace sign followed by many more. If you think that is not tricky enough, you can copy the sequence with a fast-paced dance track.

2. Fill in Your Current Mood and Bingo:

Bingo Instagram Template (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The Have Your Bingo Challenge and Your Current Mood Challenge are quite a passing time during the quarantine. The Have Your Bingo Challenge is simple with a template, urging users to fill out what they have or have not done in their lives. Again there are templates like Fill Your Current Mood where basically, you are letting your followers know how you are feeling right at the moment while quarantining with the help of GIFs. So, nominate the next person! Here’s How People Who Live Alone Can Keep Their Spirits High in Self-Isolation During COVID-19 Lockdown. 

3. Until Tomorrow Challenge:


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Until Tomorrow Challenge involves users posting embarrassing photos of themselves and captioning them with the phrase and without context. That’s it? Whoever likes the picture, the person who posted it has to send direct messages to the likers instructing them to post their own picture and leave it on Insta for 24 hours, which is until tomorrow.

4. See A Pup Send A Pup:

There is also See A Pup Send A Pup challenge running on both Twitter and Instagram. It is closely like #See10Do10 pushup challenge to encourage at-home workouts. For #SeeAPupSendAPup, pet owners will have to post pictures of their dogs and cats, urging everyone to do the same.

5. I Am A Savage Challenge:

@addisonre@sherinicolee OK MAMA♬ Savage - Megan Thee Stallion

This particular challenge is raising the bar in terms of style, difficulty and speed. The ‘I Am A Savage Challenge’ is mostly made up of a variety of arm and hip movements to the American rapper, Meghan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage.’ The viral challenge has taken over both TikTok and Instagram, with people incorporating facial expressions and sometimes even outfits changes for an extra dose of personality.

Aside from the above challenges, many other trends have captivated netizens. Some are singing songs and nominating the next person to start with the letter or word he/ she ended. Again, there is #DeepCutsChallenge involving musicians to perform their favourite track on guitar. And of course, there is #ToiletPaperChallenge with athletes trying to juggle a roll of toilet paper ten times with their feet, just like how soccer players juggle soccer balls in training. There are a lot of challenges and trends on social media, encouraging netizens to participate while beating the lockdown blues. After all, we are all in this together!