Life During Coronavirus Pandemic: Here’s How People Who Live Alone Can Keep Their Spirits High in Self-Isolation During COVID-19 Lockdown
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The new virus has got the world worried. COVID-19, which is believed to have originated from Wuhan, is blamed for over 19,000 deaths so far globally. After China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland and the United Kingdom, India as well has come under lockdown. Individuals are challenged to undertake social distancing measures and self-quarantine in the face of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared a nationwide lockdown on Tuesday night. People were spotted panic buying even though the government assured that essentials would be available. But what worried me more is that I am now stuck in my flat, all by myself. Loneliness is taking a different toll on me. Besides, if I fall sick, nobody will come over and look after me.

Even my neighbours won’t realise for days they have a sick person next door. Thanks to my social skills! In our country, we have an endless number of people living an independent life, by choice, of course. But it never really occurred that life can be so challenging during a growing pandemic that threatens global health. Coronavirus fears, isolation can trigger anxiety. But how can one cope with it? Below are little steps that people who live alone can follow to keep up their spirit during COVID-19 lockdown. Dating During Coronavirus, How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour, Virtual Dinner Party & Others Are Top Google Searches During Pandemic. 

1. Do Not Give Up on Your Routine

Realising at 3:00 pm that you did not brush your teeth because you knew you would not be seeing anyone will make you lazier. In the long run, this is not going to be good for your mental wellbeing. Keep your routine as it is, minus the travelling part. Now that gyms and other fitness studious are closed, for a great full-body home workout, you can do an entire circuit sequence for up to 30 to 45 minutes.

2. Make Yourself A Hot Beverage for the Silent Evening

The world is quiet, and the silence is horrifying. I live alone, so can I can only say there are other human beings around from the occasional noises in the corridor. Once you are done with your work shift, the silence can be even more daunting. So, make yourself some hot beverage and relax for a while. You can watch some humour content serious or play some music or just enjoy your cup of coffee or tea, by not thinking about anything else. You can also connect with your family and friends to know how are they are dealing with the lockdown.

3. Read, Read and Repeat

Reading has always been the best medicine to beat the anxiety and regain your calm. A good book has the ability to push you to think about circumstances outside your life. It even allows travelling in your mind, when real travel is not an option, for scenarios like a pandemic. Thrillers, relationship dramas, action-packed page-turners and many options are available online for you to read during these shutdown days. So, read, read and repeat!

4. Avoid News and Social Media At Least An Hour

Like many others, I am glued too to the news in recent days. It can take your anxiety skyrocket. Besides, not all news and social media circulations are authentic. There has been the number of myth burst reports that otherwise has created chaos across the world. Take Hantavirus as the recent instance that created panic on social media, after a man in China who died was reportedly tested positive. People began to assume that their quarantine period will extend, since it had a virus in its name. At least an hour a day, stay away from news and social media to avoid the panic that will only worsen the already tensed situation. You can also turn off push-alert notification for news on your phone if it becomes overwhelming.

5. Keep Your House Clean and Eat Healthy (4 Times a Day)

One of your goals is not to fall sick. You have to exercise, keep your house clean and cook fresh meals. Do not skip food. Eat at least four times a day. Personal hygiene and keeping immunity healthy is significant during the pandemic.

Any period of lockdown or quarantine is going to feel particularly daunting if you have no other half to ride it out with. But since we chose this independency, though not the pandemic, we are responsible for taking care of ourselves. Like many things else, we will get through this too. Happy Quarantine!

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