Dandruff-Scraping Videos Have Taken Over Pimple-Popping As The Most Grossly Satisfying Videos On The Internet
Dandruff scrapping video is latest internet obsession. (Photo Credit: Screenshot YouTube/Tracie M)

Believe it or not, these new dandruff scraping videos are the latest viral trend that apparently looks 'satisfying' even though most people will find them extremely gross. These videos include scrubbing dandruff filled scalp with a small brush so that the dandruff flakes fall off. It cleans off the scalp that way.

Remember the time pimple popping videos went viral? People found it utterly satisfying to see pimples pop and the pus inside it ooze out. But it seems dandruff scraping videos will soon take over the internet as people are getting hooked onto these grossly-satisfying videos.

Take a look At a Few Pimple-Popping Videos That Were Immensely Popular Earlier:

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Dandruff Scrapping Videos Like This Are Going Viral:

What do you think of this new trend? Let us know in the comments section below. These days we see a lot of video content that might seem strange but are becoming a fodder for the mind craving satisfactory sights. It all started with slime-making videos which initially seemed weird but later turned out to be extremely popular and now you can even buy slime making kits. Recently, we are also seeing soap-cutting videos that are becoming very popular because people find soap cutting a treat to their eyes and mind. Let us know your views!