Dead Parrot Photo From Kite Festival During Makar Sankranti 2019 Is Heartbreaking; See Viral Pic
Parrot dies during kite flying (Photo Credits: Bidita Bag Twitter, Pixabay)

An unfortunate photo of a parrot has been going viral on social media after the country celebrated kite festival. While Makar Sankranti was observed with much pomp and fervour across states, seems the occasion did not turn out to be joyous for our fellow beings. The picture of the dead bird has brought back talks on how kite strings affect birds, mostly by injuring or cutting off their wings. However, in this case, the bird died after a kite string got intertwined around its neck. The heartbreaking photo shows the parrot sitting dead on the branch of a tree with its eyelids closed.

Kite strings, especially Chinese Manja used to fly fighter kites result in such terrible incidents. Glass power that is applied to the strings to make it durable and robust results in the strings being abrasive. They are particularly used to cut other flying kites during a competition. When these sharp threads come in contact with birds flying in the sky, their wings get injured. Makar Sakranti 2019: Kite Related Incidents Reported Across Country, Five Killed.

A Twitter user Bidita Bag shared the photo of the parrot on Twitter with the caption, "We hang our head in shame. This hard hitting image has been shared by Bhavik Thaker, titled "kaypo che?". Thanks for aptly showcasing the plight of these beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, hundreds of birds loose their life during kite festival. stop using Chinese/manja threads.(sic)" Boy Dies After Falling off Building While Flying Kite.

Here is the photo of the parrot that died from a kite string:

In Mumbai, during Makar Sankranti, many bird rescuers came together to save birds dying in the process. When these strings entangle a bird, they struggle flapping their wings to free themselves, leading to more injuries. Kaypo Che or Kai Po Che is a Gujarati usage symbolic of winning a kite flying competition, mostly by cutting the opponent's kite. While kite festival has become synonymous with Makar Sankranti observance in some states, it is time to think if at all our celebrations are causing harm to any. Kite festival is majorly celebrated in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Hyderabad.