DJ Flume 'Eats' Girlfriend's A$$ in Public at Burning Man Festival, Nevada; Check Out Twitter Reactions of Shocked Netizens
Flume gets trolled for eating his girldfriend's ass on stage (Photo Credits: Instagram)

A viral video featuring Australian DJ and producer Flume going sexual has the Internet occupied. At the Burning Man festival in Nevada, Flume was seen what is being called, "eating ass" mid-set. The graphic sex act on stage was shared on Flume's girlfriend Paige Elkington's Instagram account and then was deleted in some time. However, the swift netizens captured the video and shared on Twitter. Ever since, the video has been shared #Flume has been trending everywhere. Festival-goers are criticising the vision of Burning Man, and we can say that could be the reason behind the video being deleted most weirdly. However, Twitterverse is still not able to digest the footage and is having a meltdown.

However, Burning Man ended yesterday after the ten days of extravaganza at Nevada desert. However, not everyone is awe of the memories the event gave away. The Internet cannot get over the video of Flume eating his girlfriend's ass. The video of him sticking his nose in her ass is undoubtedly going to stay in the talks for quite some time. Not to forget the EDM DJs, in particular, filled Twitter with their reactions on the Flume video and you have to check them out!

But before that, watch the video here on Reddit.

Reactions on the Flumes Ass-Eating Video:




Can't Stop Laughing

Somebody Stop



Aren't these just hilarious? And for all of you who don't know about his girlfriend, Elkington, is quite famous on Instagram for selling temporary tattoos on her online store. She became a meme in 2018 after a photo of her and Jeff Goldblum went viral.