Dr Harsh Vardhan Plays Role of Raja Janak in Luv Kush Ram Leela in Delhi, Check Out Pictures & Video
Dr Harsh Vardhan plays Raja Janak (Photo credit: Twitter)

New Delhi, October 13: Union Minister for Science & Technology and Environment, Dr Harsh Vardhan participated in Ram Leela play performed in old Delhi area on Friday. Dr Harsh Vardhan played the role of Raja Janak in the Luv Kush Ram Leela play. The pictures and video of the union minister showing his acting skills are widely watched.

Dr Harsh Vardhan reportedly practised a lot before playing the role of Raja Janak for the Luv Kush Ram Leela performance. He also tweeted his pictures and said he could play the role of Rajan Janak because of the blessing of Lord Ram and Sita. He said he too was shocked to see himself in character of Raja Janak and experienced the rich culture of the country by playing the role.

"I saw Ram Leela of Lal Qila and Chandni Chowk in my childhood. Playing a character at the stage was a lifetime experience," Dr Harsh Vardhan said in a tweet. "Ram resides in soul of this country, I always believe so. It was a great opportunity for me to know him closely," he said in another tweet. Speaking to reporters after the play, the union minister said he wants to urge people to protect the environment.