The spread of Coronavirus pandemic is growing in India. Amid the rising numbers, educational institutions to private companies, all have been ordered to be closed down for two weeks. To maintain social distance, several people are working from home, classes are being operated online so that people do not step outside their home. And while being quarantined within the house has given rise to many funny memes and jokes, a hilarious video of digital class attendance is going viral. Students in this supposed class have kept their names after porn star, Mia Khalifa, to terrorist Osama Bin Laden. The video shows their teacher asking them to change their names so that the right attendance can be marked. The video really brings out the funny side of digital classes.

The pandemic has forced maximum people to stay indoors. So a lot of people are now operating from home. Certain classes are also keeping online lectures. A video on Twitter shows the fun side of it. A teacher is taking attendance of her students and some of them have logged in with funniest names. She is asking her students to join by writing their names and their roll numbers. She even mentions that the circumstances right now are different and their attendance has to be recorded. Just then, a student joins in with the name Mia Khalifa. It is a really funny video that's going viral on social media. Selfies for Attendance: Teachers Asked to Click Photos in Front of Classrooms Before 8 AM to Mark Attendance in UP Schools.

Watch Funny Video of Online Attendance:

The video has got about 3,000 views in a few hours. One of the people commented, "This is truly hilarious!" If you see carefully, there are funnier names like "Munni Badnaam Hui", "Lallu ki Tapri." Poor teacher, she still seems to keep her calm with the notorious students. This also reminds us of another such prank video which went viral last year. The video had a teacher taking attendance in class and then calling out 'Mia Khalifa's' name in the list too. The teacher realised after students started laughing. Looks like, the students in the recent video took inspiration from this prank. 


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