Hareem Shah, Popular Pakistani TikTok Star, Makes Video Inside Foreign Office of Imran Khan, Stirs Controversy With Viral Post
Hareem Shah's viral video (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Islamabad, October 25: Popular Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah's latest video has gone viral. She is seen roaming around the high-security office and even sitting down in the chair used by the foreign minister. Hindi and Punjabi songs can be heard in the background of the video. Post the video went viral, officials have informed that they have initiated an inquiry in the matter.

According to an ANI report, Shah was quoted by local media on how she got access, she said "Yes, I got into office after seeking permission. If it was against rules and regulations they should not have allowed me to make a video. I also went to the National Assembly, I got a pass, got my entry there properly. No security has ever stopped me, I've never had any obstacle. No one has helped me, I got in on my own." It's Bollywood Calling for Popular TikTok Star Faiz Baloch.

Check Hareem's latest video:

In her previous viral video, she was at PM secretariat, but focal Person to Imran Khan, Dr Arsalan Khalid clarified that she was actually at the Foreign Office building and that an investigation into the matter has begun.