'How to Survive a Hurricane' Trends on Google As Hurricane Michael Cause Destruction After Landfall
Hurricane Michael (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Hurricane Michael killed one person in Florida in the northwestern parts after it made landfall on Wednesday afternoon. Rains and flooding threw the city out of normalcy by ripping off roofs and structures of homes in Mexico Beach. The Category 4 storm blew away roofs of homes building and structures near Mexico Beach when earlier this week. Strong winds also brought down trees and snapped power lines.

As the hurricane continue to lash in Florida, there is a surge in Google searches for ways to survive it. Google Trends took to Twitter sharing the most searched questions on hurricane saying: "How to survive a hurricane" and more top how to's on hurricanes in Florida #HurricaneMichael". Hurricane Michael – One of the Strongest Storms to Ever Hit Florida Wreaks Havoc.

Here are the top "how to" searches on hurricane:

How to prepare for a hurricane

  • Buy supplies
  • Check insurance coverage
  • Make copies of important documents and keep them at a hand's distance
  • Repair any already existing damage to your house
  • Charge electronic devices

Keep an emergency bag ready in the case on quick evacuation. Ensure the bag has all your important documents. Also include sanitary products, clothes, batteries, water bottles and some food. Above all, be alert and follow the instructions by the weather department and the local government if they insist on an evacuation. Hurricane Michael: 1 Killed in Northwestern Florida.

How to board up windows for a hurricane:

Watch the below video to know how you can board up your windows for a hurricane.

How to stay safe during a hurricane and How to survive a hurricane:

  • During a hurricane, you should evacuate if you are directed to do so. It is advisable to carry important documents with you but first, save your life.
  • If you are staying at home, follow these tips to stay safe.
  • Keep a check on the weather updates constantly. If you do not have electricity then listen to the radio.
  • Keep away from insulators that are good conductors of electricity. If your region is also witnessing lightning, keep away from windows and glass doors.
  • Do not go outside to check on anything unless the storm has passed.
  • Try and use electrically charged devices scarcely as following storm you can continue to experience power failures.

How to track a hurricane:

Monitor storm updates constantly. If there is a power shortage, use radio and tune into your local station. During hurricanes and other similar emergencies, people of affected regions receive text alerts. Sign up for these messages which will constantly update you about your surroundings.

Storm up to 14 feet high was witnessed in southern Alabama and Georgia. In many parts of northern Florida, south and central Georgia a tornado watch has been issued. Michael later downgraded to Category 3 after 5 pm (local time) on Wednesday, however, the wind speeds packing up to 129 mph. It is the strongest storm to hit the continental United States since 1992. The National Weather Service deemed the storm as life-threatening and "extremely dangerous". Torrential rainfall is expected along the northeastern Gulf Coast. The United States President Donald Trump had declared a state of emergency in Florida.