Hurricane Dorian in Florida: Baby Turtles Set on Fire and Burnt to Death at Beach (View Heart-Breaking Pictures)

The strong tropical cyclone currently affecting the East Coast of the United States of America, Hurricane Dorian is a major threat to living beings. Especially the sea animals and those living in the coastal areas. Amidst high alerts, a horrific scene was discovered by a couple at a Florida beach. The series of photos uploaded on Twitter shows a number of sea turtles and hatched eggs burnt on the sand reportedly at Satellite Beach. The woman who shared the heart-breaking pictures on the social media platform said that the eggs and hatchlings were near the stairs of the walkway. Hurricane Dorian Kills Five in Bahamas, US Evacuates SE Coast. 

Rhonda Wundke reported that she and her husband were walking on the beach when she stumbled upon a dead baby turtle. Just a few steps away, she saw many dead turtles on the sand. Rhonda, on her Twitter account, wrote, “I want to report a crime. These baby turtles were found at High Tower Beach today 9/1/19. They have been set in fire. Baby turtles and over there place burned even found an egg. I'm saddened and very angry!” She even tagged the Melbourne Police and Florida Wildlife Federation in the hope of finding the culprit behind the horrific act.

View the Heart-Breaking Pictures:

Rhonda Called the Scene a Nightmare!

The discovery was made amidst reports of many sea turtle eggs uncovered at the Juno Beach Pier. Huge waves pummelled the area, destroying sea turtle nests and eggs. The threat of hurricane destruction the sea turtle nests continues. Sea turtles are in danger of being washed out to sea. A widespread storm surge watch and warning have extended throughout the East Coast in preparation for Hurricane Dorian’s impact. Humans have been asked not to disturb the buried nests.