Internet Sensations Deepika Ghose, Reena Dwivedi Prove Honey Shots and Viral Pics Give Instant Fame, But at What Cost?
Deepika Ghose, Reena Dwivedi and Yogeshwari Gohite (Photo Credits: File Image)

Long ago, gaining fame was a tough business. Movie stars talk of a time when they slept on railway stations, frequenting movie sets in their younger years with the hope of catching their big break. Some find success, while others remain strugglers for life, only to be forgotten in due time. But not today. Something as simple as a selfie with a superstar or a well-timed "honey shot" at an IPL match can give you overnight fame.

Ask “Olive top girl” Saima Hussain Mir who went viral after clicking a selfie with Shah Rukh Khan. Priya Prakash Varrier, who was supposed to play a small part in the movie Oru Adar Love, ended up eclipsing the lead actress. All thanks to her wink that went viral.

The recent instances of instant viral fame include Deepika Ghose or the Mystery RCB fangirl whose "honey shot" made news during the IPL season; Reena Dwivedi, the EVM-carrying election officer from Deoria; and Bhopal-based Yogeshwari Gohite who was also snapped carrying the EVM. The three became overnight internet sensations after pictures of them went viral, catapulting them into fame. RCB Fangirl Deepika Ghose Victim of ‘Honey Shot’? Says, ‘With Fame Came Abuse & Mental Torture’ After Her Pics and Videos Go Viral During IPL 2019.

Deepika, a 20-year-old from Delhi never knew that attending a match will prove to be such a game changer in her life. The cameraman decided to focus on her as she cheered for RCB dressed in an off-shoulder top and jeans. The country went into a frenzy, wanting to know more about the attractive girl in red. Soon as her video went viral, Deepika’s followers on Instagram increased by the thousands.

A few days later, a picture of an election officer Reena Dwivedi also sent the internet into a tizzy when she was snapped carrying an EVM to a polling booth. Her colleague shared the picture on Twitter, which started a retweeting frenzy. Dressed in a canary-yellow saree, the officer became an instant hit on social media.

“Woman in blue” Yogeshwari was also surprised by all the attention she garnered on the social media and is currently dealing with the barrage of friend requests on Facebook.

The three found overnight fame over the social media thanks to their pictures/videos that went viral. For a few, new-found viral statuses can be a boon, opening up opportunities. Remember the chaiwaala from Pakistan Arshad Khan who went viral for his good looks? He bagged a ramp walk and a music video.

Even Priya Prakash Varrier the viral wink sensation bagged a slew of endorsement deals on social media apart from a lead role in a movie.

People also go to ridiculous lengths to be “discovered” on social media. And going by the recent Tik Tok explosion, it’s much easier than before.

While Reena is excited about her new-found fame and has also expressed a desire to star in Bigg Boss, others are not too sure. The sudden influx of social media attention can be too much to handle, especially if one didn’t go looking for the limelight in the first place.

Recent instances have shown that even positive viral experiences can backfire. Less said about negative ones the better. People who gain internet fame for being beautiful, generous or even smart can be subjected to abuse and hate online.

Deepika recently wrote a lengthy Instagram post, talking about her recent ordeal with her viral status.

"I did not want any recognition or realise the number of times that I was on camera. I am no celebrity, just an ordinary girl who was enjoying the match. I did nothing to warrant the kind of attention that ensued after the TV images appeared and I certainly did not seek it," said Deepika.

Even Yogeshwari is overwhelmed by all the response on social media. “I am getting friend requests by the minute. Soon, I think I will have to make my social media profile hidden and not open to public,” she told TOI.

The lure of going viral on social media is tempting, but it’s no bed of roses. On one hand, you will be adored and the other picked apart by the hoards who didn’t think you deserved the fame. But as the old saying goes: “Be careful what you wish for; it might come true.”