Iranian Female Photojournalist Parisa Pourtaherian Praised on Twitter for Covering Men's Football Match
Iranian Female Journalist Parisa Pourtaherian (Photo Credits: @ali_noorani_teh Twitter)

An Iranian photojournalist is being hailed on social media for going against the country's repressive rules and covering a men's football match. In conservative Iran, women are not allowed to enter the stadium where men play sports. Parisa Pourtaherian managed to cover the match from the top of a building near Vatani Stadium in Qaemshahr where the match was being held. Parisa who works for a photo agency has now gone viral on social media for her commitment towards work and being an inspiration to many women.

The photojournalist has not just done her job efficiently but also made a way out of the sexist ban in the country. Social media is pouring in with words courage and encouragement for the girl. Photos shared on Twitter shows Parsia standing atop a building with giant camera lens mounted on a stand. Her commitment, bravery and resilience are being lauded by people across countries.

Here are pictures of Parisa Pourtaherian at work:

Earlier this year, some Iranian women had caught attention on social media for disguising themselves as men to attend a football match. The incident came to light after their pictures from the event viral on the internet. While there is no official ban on women attending sporting events in Iran, in the past women have been punished for the same. Multiple times, women have been detained for trying to watch sports events sitting in the stadium.

The rule became came into force post-Islamic revolution in 1979. Prior to which there was no such rule against women.  Almost after 40 years, Iranian women were allowed to attend a men's soccer match earlier this year in June. Although there was slight resilience from the stadium managing authorities, they eventually let women in. The event was regarded as a great step towards women empowerment in a country where they are many restrictions based on gender.