Julia Roberts' 'Holes Get Bigger With Age' Says a Typo in New York Local Newspaper Headline, View Pic of The Glaring Error!
Julia Roberts headline goof up in local newspaper (Photo credits: Twitter)

Working in the news field can be quiet a stressful job at times and it involves checking and rechecking of your content. A single error in facts or spelling can cause a huge difference and sometimes cost one their job. In any setting, typos need to be corrected and rechecked. A local newspaper called Post Journal in New York did a big goof up in their story about Julia Roberts. The headline of the story had a major typo and in the age of the internet, it was bound to make a buzz. The headline read, "Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Holes Get Better With Age." The word roles got changed into holes, changing the entire meaning of the sentence. The newspaper did issue a correction later, but the damage had been done. Times of India's Headline Modi and Xi ‘will mate 6 times’ is Photoshopped, Clarifies the Media House.

The report was on Julia Roberts' upcoming film Ben Is Back. It spoke about her role and her relationship with co-star Lucas Hedges. The main focus, however, always remains the headline and such a major goof-up could not have gone unnoticed. People on social media were left laughing at the typo. Check how some of them were reacting to the story. Is Masturbation The Same As Menstruation? Gujarat Textbook Hilariously Confuses The Two!

View Picture of Newspaper Headline Typo in Julia Roberts Story

Pun games begin


Not something that people wanted to know

That's How Julia Would Probably React

While it became a good joke online, the newspaper had to issue a correction of their error. Check the correction that was posted by the newspaper in the later edition.

Well, what's done has been done and it wasn't something that could be unseen. The entire meaning turned too vulgar with one typo and it can't be called a small one. It is thus very important to have multiple edits and checks before giving the final copies.