TikTok prank trends becoming more and more interesting each day! While some include showing off a dance move and others follow meme trends, but the best ones surely have to be the cheeky pranks that usually involves documenting reactions. The most recent one to add to the list sees women sending dirty texts to their partners who are usually in a public setting, maybe amid family members, at work or with friends. The idea is to send across any kinds of dirty XXX messages and record the reaction of your partner at the sext. Mostly wives or girlfriends pull this prank and this trend has some of the funniest reactions on TikTok that are worth checking out.

Remember the teensy bit NSFW TikTok trend called the Naked Challenge went viral on TikTok? It is quite similar to that women don't walk into their working husbands naked. For those who do not know about the #NakedChallenge that went viral on the video making and sharing platform, no, nobody comes on camera nude! One of the partners (mostly women) walk up to their partners, who are usually working from home or playing video games, NAKED to surprise them and capture only the reaction.

In this case, they send a dirty text to elicit funny and awkward reactions from their partners. Imagine you are sitting with some people and your partner sexts you some sexual that puts you in a weird position? Funny right? Most of the reactions include men blushing, or trying to hide their smiles and looking at their partners with the "pleasantly surprised" face! Watch videos:

@katie_vassarsend a dirty text to your bf around a group of people😂😂 ##dirtytext ##fyp ##foryou ##boyfriend ##foryoupage ##NotOneThing ##sigmachi♬ I Like Him - Princess Nokia

Would You Look At His Reaction?

@emily_farace_Send your man a dirty text while surrounded by people ##fyp ##ReplyToComments ##LetsCook ##foryou ##viral♬ I Like Him - Princess Nokia

The Smile Tho

@clurmurrsend your man a dirty text in front of his family 😂😂 ##fyp ##punny ##fyp♬ I Like Him - Princess Nokia


@faith_kendall“Txt your bf a dirty text in public and record his reaction” ##fyp♬ I Like Him - Princess Nokia


@phoenix_farnhamSend your man a dirty text while he’s working 🤷🏼‍♀️ ##dirtytext ##fyp ##foryoupage ##trending♬ I Like Him - Princess Nokia

Dirty Text Challenge


The most recent one is the ice challenge going viral on TikTok under #Cryotherapy. No, it is not like the ice-bucket challenge where people pored iced-water on themselves but here women are inserting ice-cubes into their vagina! Yes, taking an ice-cube and putting it inside. However, according to the challenge, film themselves grabbing some ice-cubes and trying to insert one of them into the vagina. Obviously you don't see ice being inserted but you can see their reaction to having frozen water inserted into them.

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