Money for Nudes! A Woman Makes Good Use of It After a Perv Twitterati Paid Her £30; Netizens Loves Her Savage Response
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Dealing with online perverts is no easy. And there are a lot, appearing in your inbox every second. A Twitter user, Lash_13 might have the ultimate guide for you to deal with such jerks. When a follower asked her to send him nudes in exchange for £30, she had better plan to surprise her. And she literary made good use of that money. The woman, as per her tweet, sent him a video of rapping and later, a picture of the Chinese food she bought, with that money. Twitterati is so impressed with her savage response! Her tweet is going viral, with every woman and some men, who branded her reply as “absolute class.”

In a series of Tweets, the online pervert is identified as Nick Sadowsky. She further shared a series of texts screenshots shared between the duo. It revealed the proposal, eventually asking for pictures of her, which she understood as “obviously nudes.” When the follower asked what he would get for his money, the woman responded, saying an “MC diss track.” But Nick pressed on his efforts. She later shared the link of her PayPal account, saying, “I’ll surprise you.” As promised, the surprise was indeed a rap video and some yummy chinese food. Guy Thinks Women Don't Get Periods at Night Because The Body Shuts Down, Woman's Tweet Goes Viral.

“Somebody messaged me asking if I wanted money but I needed to send him ‘pics’ in return (nudes obviously) he sent me £30 on PayPal and I sent him a video of me driving and MC’ing an Oakzy B song then bought a big scran with the £30,” read her tweet.

Here's the Tweet:

People online are in love with her response. Thousands of likes and comments flooded into her Twitter account, praising her bold move. There are many ways to deal with people who act inappropriately towards you online. But Lash_13 and her response have to be the best one.